“Nightbeats” To Play in Method Fest Film Festival, LA!

Published On February 22, 2010 | By Mike Carroll | Films, Mike's Films, Naked Filmmaking, Nightbeats

Nightbeats will premiere in Los Angeles in The Method Fest Film Festival on Saturday, March 27 at 9:15 PM. From the time that Bonnie and I set out to make this movie I wanted it to be performance-driven. That we have been accepted into a festival that celebrates acting is a victory for the film.

Bonnie and I will be getting to Calabasas on Friday, March 26, to begin promoting the movie and checking out the other films. One of my best pals, Chris King (watermarkfilms.net) played his first feature Touching Down at Method Fest a few years ago and has raved to me about what a great festival this is. I’ve had my sites set on Method Fest from the time that Nightbeats was still an incomplete rough draft. Now that it is a finished film hitting the Method Fest screen on a Saturday night is a personal success.

Just three weeks ago I was watching the DVD of Official Rejection, a must-see documentary about the inner workings of film festivals. A section of the movie takes place at the 2006 San Francisco Independent Film Festival, the same year that our first feature film Year played there. In Official Rejection is an interview with Don Franken, director of The Method Fest. The very next night the phone rang and it was Don Franken calling to welcome us to this year’s Method Fest.

David Harris as "Nick" with Lori Foxworth as "Mercy" during a weak moment for both of them in "Nightbeats."

The film has a deep, rich look and plays powerfully on a big screen. I’ve UPS’d a DigiBeta tape of the film to the festival, but if possible I’m going to play it out of my MacBook from an HD QuickTime file so that the images and the sounds from Jimmy Bell’s incredibly rich sound design can fill the screen and the auditorium.

Hoping to put this new version of the website to the test in Calabasas with blogging and photos from Method Fest. If anyone has some tips on good (free) wi-fi locations, e-mail them to me.

Hope to see you all in Southern Cal next weekend.

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