Keeping In Good Company – Method Fest & “Nightbeats”

Published On March 18, 2010 | By Mike Carroll | Nightbeats

Home page for the 2010 Method Fest Film Festival.

It was 10:15 at night here in Sacramento when the phone rang.

“Hey, it’s Lori.”

“Lori? It’s after one in the morning in New York? What’re you doing still up?” I passed the phone to Bonnie, figuring something had to be up for her to be calling this late.

“Lori,” Bonnie said with some concern. “What’s up? Is anything wrong?”

“I had to call. I’m so wired. Have you seen the Method Fest website?”

“No. Is something wrong?”

“Look at it! They’ve got pictures of Richard Dreyfuss, Bruce Dern, Anthony Hopkins, Laura Linney — and me! And I’ve got the biggest close-up on the page!”

Lori’s sharing the home page with two Oscar winners and two Oscar nominees. Of course, this doesn’t surprise me.

They’ve also posted 30-second and 60-second trailers for the festival at I’ve attached the 60-second trailer here. Looks like a terrific rundown of films.

Method Fest 2010 60-second trailer. Watch for Lori Foxworth and Missy Bell representing \”Nightbeats.\”

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