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Published On March 27, 2010 | By Mike Carroll | Nightbeats

Driving down I-5 to Calabasas.

Hit the road yesterday to drive south to Los Angeles and Calabasas for the Method Fest Film Festival and tonight’s (Saturday, March 27) screening of Nightbeats in The Founders Hall.

It was a beautiful drive. The first time we’ve hit the road for an overniter since becoming dogified with Greyhounds.

Nearly six hours to kill so Bon and I discussed what we should do next. I told her about my idea for The ABC’s of Walking, a character study I’ve been tinkering with since last summer and which I invested in the Canon 7D for. She had been a little on the edge about the idea for a while, but as I told her how it has evolved with the different character layers I’ve been sketching in the MacBook she became more and more intrigued. So I think this is going to be the next one.

We got in late yesterday afternoon. Every time I drive up the grapevine I feel like I’m coming home. I lived in Burbank for fifteen months back in 1985-87 and I love the area. Would love to get back here for good some time.

Gary Luscombe, one of the people I worked with back in LA then at KVEA-TV, which is now the Telemundo Network, and who I’ve worked with then in Kansas and then in Sacramento for the past twenty years, has been incredibly generous in letting Bonnie and I stay in his parents’ house right here in Calabasas. Tony and Noel Luscombe bought it back in the late 60s or early 70s when the area wasn’t very developed. Boy, has that changed.

Bonnie is incredibly comfortable here. After getting dressed this morning I found the front door open and Bonnie sipping coffee out on the front drive way.

“Okay, I’m ready to move.”

Mike and Bonnie outside Casa de Luscombe. Heading out to Method Fest and then a hardware store to start remodeling.

She’d already made plans for how to remodel the place.

“But, honey, this house isn’t ours.”

“I know, but let’s do it anyway and surprise them. Everybody loves extreme makeovers.”

“But we still have the movie to promote for tonight.”

“Okay, okay, okay. We’ll do the screening then get back and start the demolition.”

(Gary and Noel, I hope you’re not reading this.)

Bonnie: "I'm so happy! This is everything I've ever wanted!"

We’ve got our Starbucks, got a box of 4×6 film cards. We’re off to meet up with Galen Howard, Julianne Gabert and Kelly Nixon from Nightbeats who are here at Method Fest to start promoting the film. Hope to see you there.

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