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Published On April 1, 2010 | By Mike Carroll | Friends & Artists

Actor-author Anthony D’Juan with the very first copy of “Deconstructed.”

Anthony D’Juan – actor, playwright, screenwriter, blogger, poet – has now added “published novelist” to his profile.

Anthony doing a reading from Deconstructed at INK’s Eats & Drinks.

Last night at INK Eats & Drinks in Midtown was the presentation party for Anthony’s first novel Deconstructed. It’s a slim, carefully constructed multi-character drama of people living in a midtown urban area and their lives intersecting and one man’s life becoming increasingly disconnected, both from himself and from reality.  I’ve read the development of the novel through it’s various drafts and feel that Anthony has a very strong and original voice. His stories unfold like life: you never know how or where they are going to take you, but you’re captivated by the ride he takes you on.

I got to know Anthony when he joined our journey in making Nightbeats playing “Dubois,” a writer who had had to migrate to the world of the night because the macular degeneration in his eyes does not allow him to exist in the daylight.

Anthony quickly displayed his commitment to his role and stalwart support for the project, from our first meeting, through the filming, and now as the film is finally going out to the world through film festivals and DVD sales.

When you see Anthony as “Dubois” in the movie writing at the computer or scribbling in a notebook he is not just tapping the keys, he is actually writing. Anthony is always writing. He stays with us in the studio for a few days and the lights would be on late into the night as he’d be working on a play or a film or his blog.

"Nightbeats" alumni Galen Howard, Mike Carroll and Anthony D’Juan.

He started working on Deconstructed shortly after wrapping on Nightbeats because he’d always been curious about whether he’d be able to tell a story in a purely literary narrative form. Having read it several times now I can confirm that he has succeeded.

As a man who has written and starred in one-man shows, Anthony believes in the do-it-yourself ethic. To that end he is putting his first book out himself. We are both self-publishing through CreateSpace to put our books out to the world through our own way and on our own terms.

Anthony and Galen reading Steve Milner's BelAir Magazine review of "Nightbeats."

Deconstructed will be appearing on in the coming weeks. Until then you can click on this link to order a copy now. I’ve already ordered one for myself.

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