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Published On May 1, 2010 | By Mike Carroll | Naked Filmmaking

My appearance on KCRA-3 TV’s morning news program this week officially kicks off the launch of the long-talked of book Naked Filmmaking: How To Make A Feature-Length Film – Without A Crew – For $10,000 Or Less and all my films now being made available on DVD from Please forgive my rambling, this interview was done in the midst of a week of a terrible fever. Quite literally, I was weak with 101 degree temperature, Bonnie pumped me full of Advil, drove me to the station, did the interview, was home and back in bed an hour later, took a sleeping pill and was out until 3PM.

I first jumped into independent filmmaking exactly ten years ago when the Digital Revolution broke out and filmmaking suddenly became affordable and possible. Until then I’d always been held back by the financial dilemma of, “Where am I going to get the money for the film?”

Since then I’ve made three films – Dog Soldiers, a documentary, and two dramatic feature-length films, Year and Nightbeats. But the new dilemma is: “How do I get them seen?” and “How can I see any return on the investment?”

Now the Digital Revolution has cracked that nut as well. Just as my films have been made following my method of D.I.Y. one-man filmmaking, bringing in as little crew as is necessary*, I’m staying true to that credo by distributing D.I.Y. myself.

(*An exception to this is my friend and neighbor Jimmy Bell, who recorded some of the location sound on Nightbeats and created an unbelievable sound design in his 3rd Bedroom Studios.)

I’ve taught a couple of classes on independent one-man filmmaking, the success of which has prompted me to write a book, Naked Filmmaking: How To Make A Feature-Length Film – Without A Crew – For $10,000 Or Less. Ever since wrapping up the editing of Nightbeats a year ago, the past twelve months have been devoted to writing and editing the book and putting all of the movies out on DVD, fully loaded with audio commentaries and as many extras as I can pack in.

Starting two months ago I’ve been quietly uploading these for sale on the world’s best department store – Bonnie and I have done virtually no publicity to date and,  amazingly, they’ve been selling!

Lucinda Chrisman hands over the cash for the very first copy of “Naked Filmmaking” to be sold. Thanks, Lucinda! May many, many more follow in your footsteps.

Lucinda Chrisman hands over the cash for the very first copy of “Naked Filmmaking” to be sold. Yes, that's real money she's handing over! May many, many more follow in your footsteps.

A few weeks ago I was participating in the once-a-month CFAA (Capital Film Arts Alliance) meet-up where the topic was distribution. One fellow spoke on representing indie horror movies to Blockbuster and Walmart and a producer told her own horror tale about getting a movie into video stores. Into this mix I spoke about bypassing those routes and self-distributing. You may not make as much money, but you’re able to keep track of every penny and your share is paid directly to you, not a series of middlemen, all of whom take their cut off the top. It was a topic that directly appealed to the filmmakers in the audience and the films they either have collecting dust or are prepping for.

Afterwards, I was heading down the hall with fellow filmmaker Chris King, who is self-distributing his own film The Killing of Mary Surratt to great success, when a voice called out from behind us, “Hey, you’re not going to get away without selling me your book, are you?” I turned to find Lucinda Chrisman chasing me down with her wallet out, thus becoming my first cash sale.

Click here for your copy of Naked Filmmaking. You can also “Look Inside” the book to preview chapters to make sure this is the right book for how you want to make films. You can also read reviews of the book by people who have read it and are applying its information to their own filmmaking.

Click here to order your DVD of Nightbeats. In addition to standing alone on its own entertainment value, the DVD is loaded with extras: three audio commentaries, behind-the-scenes documentary and alternately edited scenes.

Click here to download Nightbeats to own for only $4.99 or to rent for seven days for just $1.99.

Click here to order your copy of Year, which premiered in the 2006 San Francisco Independent Film Festival. The film has been completely re-edited for this Special Edition DVD, compete with filmmaker audio commentary, behind-the-scenes documentary and scene comparisons showing sequences as they played in film festivals and how they have been re-cut for this DVD release.

Year is currently in the process of being converted for downloads to own for just $4.99 or to rent for seven days for $1.99.

Click here to purchase the Dog Soldiers: The Dogumentary DVD. A special and entertaining look into a day in the life of professional dog walkers in New York City. The DVD includes two filmmaker audio commentaries about how I came to enter the Digital Filmmaking Revolution, the learning curves, and my approaches, both technical and ethical, to documentary filmmaking.

Click here to purchase Dog Soldiers as a movie download for just $4.99 or to rent for seven days for just $1.99.

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