Sacramento Filmmaker-Cameraman Meet-Up – Sunday, June 27, 10AM

Published On June 13, 2010 | By Mike Carroll | DSLR

With Alex and Ava, the co-stars of the next film, outside the garage of The Garage Filmworks.

We have filmmaking meetings all over town a couple times a month and rap about films & filmmaking. But filmmaking is nothing without a camera and that’s the one thing nobody ever brings to these gatherings.

I’m an big fan of Philip Bloom’s blog — which my credit card can attest to. From the moment he started journaling about the released of the Canon 5D my creative juices started to boil. I was within hours of ponying up for one when news of the 7D and its 1080 & 24p capabilities was announced. This time I didn’t hesitate and put my name on the list for the first batch to ship out of the B&H warehouse. I’m now surfing the DSLR wave.

Philip has started his own photo meet-ups across the country, announcing a time and a place and putting out an open invitation to other photographers, cameramen and enthusiasts to drop by, bring their gear and show how  and share info. I think that’s cool and inspiring and is something I’d like to try here in Sacramento.

Shooting screen tests for next film. They insist on using a telephoto lens because they love close-ups.

I’m proposing Sunday, June 27 at 10 AM on the West Steps of the Capitol, when there should be no events & free parking! Bring your camera, or interest in cameras, and let’s take some pictures and exchange some ideas. Just for an hour or so, then back to the families, mowing the lawn, lighting up the grill & the rest of the day.

If anyone has a better location please speak up! E-mail to be a part and I will alert you to any changes.

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