Why California? — Location, Location, Location

Published On June 26, 2010 | By Mike Carroll | Locations

Butte Creek Canyon, from a scenic lookout on Skyway, the road from Chico to Paradise.

At the Butte Creek Canyon lookout off of Skyway out of Paradise, California.

One of the many things I love about California is that everywhere you turn can be a location that could be somewhere else in the country. Be in one place in the hills and it could pass for western Missouri, another five or ten miles and it could be the Flint Hills of Eastern Kansas. Drive on another twenty miles, or less, and you could be in Depression Era Kansas or Oklahoma.

Another bit of Central Valley big sky country that could be in Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Oklahoma, western Kansas or Nebraska. Taken off an exit ramp on I-5 in South Sacramento County.

This entry is going to be the beginning of a page of photos taken around California that could pass for any other part of the country.

This could be anywhere in the Midwest — Oklahoma, Nebraska, Kansas, Texas, Illinois, Iowa. Taken off an exit ramp on I-5 in South Sacramento County.

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