“Mike — Your book is phenomenal.”

Published On July 13, 2010 | By Mike Carroll | Naked Filmmaking

This is another stab at shameless self-promotion. Several blog postings ago I told of my visit to participate as a speaker at Media Fest 2010 at San Joaquin Delta College in Stockton. The students were extremely responsive to what I had to say about make-it-yourself filmmaking and the man behind the event, Will Story, head of the media department, bought a wopping fifteen copies of Naked Filmmaking to give to his students.

Will and I have exchanged a series of e-mails since then and this represents a condensation (with Will’s permission) of those messages. Read, weep and rush to Amazon.com and order your own copy — today!

Media Instructor Will Story leading a class in TV broadcasting.

Your book is phenomenal.  Thank you for taking the time to document and share your keen insight into solo digital filmmaking.  At San Joaquin Delta College, our yearlong full-length movie project (Broadcasting Sunshine) has been a shared experience using a team approach of producers, directors, etc., to make it possible for the maximum amount of students to learn through the participation process.

Since I read your book, I have been ranting and raving that every wannabe digital full-length moviemaker should read Naked Filmmaking. I believe in your book so much that I gave my advanced filmmaking students a copy. Beyond the book being a great read and packed with critically important must-know material, I gave the book to these select students so that they would have the key information necessary to work on their own big solo/small squad full-length movie productions.

Also, your website is loaded with great filmmaking information. As a matter of fact, I might require my advanced video students to follow you and your moviemaking exploits via your website.

I am going to find out how to get your book into the student store. I believe this book is so important to digital moviemakers that I am going to put in the paperwork to make it a mandatory textbook.

Quite honestly, one of the reasons why I am a big fan of Naked Filmmaking is that you are living my dream. A little over a decade ago I went back to school to focus on digital filmmaking. A long time ago, I wanted to be a full-length filmmaker. I followed the traditional path, went to film school at CSU Long Beach (the school Spielberg went to), but it didn’t take long to find out that it would be very difficult to be accepted into most filmmaking unions. And to be an independent filmmaker, due to the staggering costs to make a film, would almost be impossible. I decided to refocus on a broadcasting career, primarily radio.

Back in the mid to late nineties when it was becoming obvious that moviemaking no longer required a film camera, I decided to give my filmmaking dream one more shot and went back to school to learn digital moviemaking and multimedia.  With my advanced schooling I was able to become a professional digital filmmaker and multimedia designer.  I also became a digital media/multimedia college instructor.

The one thing I dearly want to attempt is solo full-length feature filmmaking. Thanks to your well documented adventures in full-length digital filmmaking I have been able to experience, at least vicariously, this challenging but rewarding process.

Thanks for being so completely dedicated to the craft of making feature movies and then being so completely open to sharing this valuable knowledge with a new generation of moviemakers.

William Story
Radio-Television Instructor
San Joaquin Delta College, Stockton, California

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