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Published On August 21, 2010 | By Mike Carroll | Naked Filmmaking

Naked Filmmaking is available now as an Amazon Kindle ebook.

I’ve been hearing about ebooks and the Kindle for a while but didn’t think it was very cost practicle. At $300-$400 dollars for something that your could read a book on it just sounded like another expensive tech toy. Then when Amazon announced a month or so ago that ebook sales had surpassed sales of hardcover books I suddenly took notice. My attention was cemented the following week when Amazon introduced their new series of new and improved Kindles starting at only $130 that can hold 2,000 books.

On top of that, the released a series of free downloadable apps so that you could read their ebooks on any device — your PC or Mac, iPad, iPhone, Droid, if you had a device that could download something wirelessly they have an app so you can buy ebooks and subscribe to newspapers and magazines.

“All right,” I said to myself. “Time to get on this bus or be left in the dust.”

I downloaded the Kindle Reader for Mac app, bought the ebook The Facebook Effect: The Inside Story of the Company That Is Connecting The World by David Kirkpatrick (which I strongly recommend). The book, which is only available at this writing in hardcover, retails for $26.00 and sells on Amazon for $17.16. I purchased the ebook for $9.99 and within minutes was reading it on my Mac. By page 3 I was sold on ebooks, their immediacy and ease of use, and immediately began converting Naked Filmmaking to a Kindle ebook.

Naked Filmmaking, my book on how you can make your own films (music video, documentary, short subject or feature-length film) yourself and without a crew and wasting loads of cash on feeding crews and renting locations — is now available on for $9.99.

The ebook of Naked Filmmaking is everything that is available in the softcover printed version, save for a handful of photographs. However, I have made up for that by including a much more detailed table of contents.

As ebooks do not have pages because you can expand the text size to your preferred reading comfort level, I have set up tabs for every single book section, chapter, sub-chapter and topic heading. This way if you to quickly refer to the section on Sound to the heading on microphones and shotgun microphones and lavelier microphones, you can just click on that heading in the table of contents and — voila! — you are there!

I wrote this book in a detail-specific yet easy-to-read-and-use style so that anybody from a high schooler making a Youtube or class project to the working professional in an office, cook at McDonald’s, stay-at-home spouse or retiree could learn how to make their own films without having to go through the “crew method” that 99% of how-to-make-a-movie books out there say you have to do. You don’t need a film school degree to make a movie. Stanly Kubrick barely got out of high school. You just need an idea, a few thousand dollars and personal dedication. This will be your easy-reference guide.

The now-available Kindle ebook version of Naked Filmmaking can now be with you as a download to your Macbook or PC notebook, iPhone and iPod Touch, iPad, Blackberry or Droid so that you can easily reference to it wherever you go and whenever you are filming.

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