Seduction of Symmetry

Published On March 4, 2011 | By Mike Carroll | Retro Camera

This is a little more of the Retro Camera photos I’ve been taking with my Android smart phone when out walking the dogs around the neighborhood.

I love the graphic visual of lines and symmetry. Horizontals. Verticals. The vertical lines of skyscrapers. The complimentary horizontals of a the flat asphalt of a highway against a flat plain.

These are a series of pictures I’ve been taking of telephone lines — the most strikingly obvious lines around us.

Don’t get me wrong — I think they’re an eye sore and have no place in the 21st Century. I’d much rather have them all buried, as they are in new communities. Every time I’m trying to get a great dynamic sky shot of the clouds from my back yard I’m vexed by the phone and power lines dangling across my perfect composition. Often I’ve fantasized about building a twenty foot scaffolding tower to get above these lines and have a platform for my camera to shoot the pageantry of nature and color in the skies above it.

[If anybody has some scaffolding you’d like to get rid of — call me.]

But there’s something gritty and old world about these black & white retro images of phone and power lines that draw me to snap them. These images make me think of Japanese art photos from the Sixties and Seventies.

This could be the beginning of an extended photo essay. Maybe even a photo book. Who knows. Too early to tell.

Please tell me what you think.

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Mike Carroll joined the digital revolution in 1999 with a Sony TRV900 camcorder and Final Cut Pro, when it was only Final Cut Pro and not version 2, 4 or a Suite.

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