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Published On March 24, 2011 | By Mike Carroll | Main Blog

Doing weather coverage for KCRA in Stockton, California, 3-24-2011.

First off, if you’ve found the site you know that the title Naked Filmmaking is an aesthetic for one-man or one-person filmmaking. This is by no mean a site intended for “the wild life.” Although, I have nothing against that. Everybody has their own thing. (The personal things I’m into are my wife Bonnie, our two greyhounds, and all the cameras that are constantly coming out that I’d love to play with.)

The past few weeks have seen a big spike in sales of the book Naked Filmmaking and people registering to the site. I can only assume that this is connected.

The numbers aren’t huge by any means — yet. But they are growing steadily. This is all quite amazing as there has not been any publicity outside of word of mouth, Facebook and being present on Amazon.

Thanks to everybody for signing up and visiting. More photography and film posts will be coming in the next few days.

I just wanted to post this because I get e-mail alerts about all the new registrants to the page and wanted to say hello, welcome, and please send me a little note if you would about how you found the site, how you found the book (if you’ve bought a copy) and what you’re interested in.

Thanks again & would love to hear from you,





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