That Sinking Feeling

Published On March 27, 2011 | By Mike Carroll | Shooting News

Weather! Weather! Weather! Rain! Rain! Rain!

At KCRA we are constantly watching the Dopplar Radar and the darkening clouds in the sky. The past two months have kept us in all kinds of weather. And you can hardly step out onto your yard without feeling the groundwater oozing up around your feet.

Back in January it was getting to be time for me to invest in some new rain gear. Most of the stores were out for the season so I reluctantly trudged into REI to have to get some more expensive, higher-end rain gear. “Great,” I was grumbling to myself at the cash register, “shell out all this money for new weather stuff — this should guarantee a dry season until next fall.” Man oh man, am I glad I plopped that money down now!

I was out in a live truck last Friday night (March 25, 2011) when we were dispatched to Acampo, south of Elk Grove off Highway 99, on a double homicide in some rural and beautiful countryside.

The light was almost going as we arrived. It was a narrow two-lane road. Power lines on the right side, so I pulled in right behind KOVR’s truck parked in the grass to the left side of the road. No sooner than KCRA reporter had stepped out of the truck than I felt a needed to move the truck. No sooner had I put the truck into gear that I felt it starting to list. In no time I was sunk in.

This photo above shows the truck a moment later with the right front tire still touching the pavement. A few moments later it looked like this!

As soon as I had tried to move my truck out the KOVR truck operator tried to pull his out and got into exactly the same situation. We looked like twins in distress.

There were plenty of police officers around, because of the crime scene, so they kindly put out some road flares and directed traffic around our crippled vans until a tow truck could arrive to pull us out. It was some of the easiest money he made all day — two tows no more than thirty feet apart! (I suggested he just send all the bills to KOVR.)

Because of all the weather situations we’re sent to all the time, I’ve been lobbying a long time to have a live truck or two that was outfitted with 4-wheel drive. Now I think we may need flotation devices as well.





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