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One-man filmmaker framing up a shot with the JVC GY HD110U on the set of "Nightbeats." Mike served as his own writer-director-cinematographer-editor. He also designed the poster and maintains the website. His motto: "Don't do more with less -- Do Everything!"

It’s short notice but I am teaching an Introduction to Naked Filmmaking at Access Sacramento for my good friend Ron Cooper. Three nights, three hours each night.

I will be discussing how to make dramatic films with scripts and actors, documentary work and a bit of my brand of TV news style. The common thread through all of these being how to do it as a one-person filmmaker where you come up with the ideas, then write a script and shoot them and record audio by yourself. Or, in the case of documentary, shoot and record audio and then write the script.

And even a bit on how to make money from your work after it’s finished.

Again, it’s three nights. Lots of information. Short amount of time. This will be a crash course. But by the end of these nine hours you will have notebooks of new information that you didn’t have before.

People are always encouraged to “Think outside of the box.” This course will jump start you to think of filmmaking outside of the box.

I will also be sharing what I’ve learned of DSLR cameras and my thoughts of where things are heading — films, filmmaking, digital, the web, the future of film festivals, and more.

Sign up. Bring your camera if you have one. That’s what this course is all about. If you don’t have one then you’ll get good info on what you’ll want to get. And bring a clip of something you’ve done to give me an idea of where you’re at and want to go.

Also, think of answers to these two questions: What’s your favorite movie(s)? What movie(s) do you find yourself watching over and over?

Here is the announcement from the Access Sacramento newsletter:

Intro to “Naked Filmmaking” with Mike Carroll
Learn “single-camera-style” video storytelling from Mike Carroll, veteran news cameraman and legendary “Naked Filmmaker”. The 3-session introductory course is the perfect way to start your next great adventure. Carroll has produced several award winning documentaries by working essentially by himself – handling the producer, director, camera, and editing roles alone or “naked”.

$75 per student (10 student minimum)
Mondays – May 16, 23 and June 6 (skip Memorial Day) 6-9 PM

Sign-up for either or both of the above workshops in Access Sacramento Office or by phone with credit card during business hours. Call (916) 456-8600 ext. 0. You need not be an Access Sacramento member to register for these classes.

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