David duChemin – Photographing the Life Journey

Published On July 19, 2011 | By Mike Carroll | Digital Convergence Podcast, DSLR

I’m constantly following links to articles on the net and listening to podcasts in search of somebody or something new that grabs my interest. It’s rare and doesn’t come along that often. But when it does it’s like a 10K lighting up a street in the night. I had one of those eye-opening – and, more importantly, mind-opening – experiences last week.

Listening to Carl Olson’s 16×9 Digital Cinema Convergence podcast, which I subscribe free on iTunes, with guest David duChemin.

duChemin is a photographer, author and life traveler, who hosts and blogs at his website Pixilated Image. He is a rare breed in that he has evolved from freelance photographer to independent photographer. He no longer takes pictures for clients but is his own client. A Canadian, a year ago he sold his condo and much of his belongings, and invested in a jeep outfitted with solar panels for powering his computer, cameras, and wifi for blogging and podcasting. He plans to travel the continent and photograph and write and blog about what he sees and finds. Perhaps he’s a modern day Kane out of Kung Fu, wandering the Earth in search of his own inner truth. He had a setback when he broke both his ankles in a fall while exploring Italy nearly a year ago, but he so plans to begin hitting the road. His goal is to travel, teach, photograph and compile ebooks about what he sees and thinks.

He strongly believes that photography should have a purpose, as well as a vision and a voice. From what I’ve seen and heard of David duChemin, his is a vision and a voice that I like to see and hear.

He now travels, exploring the world, photographing it and writing about it, telling about the creative process and how he captures his images, and offering these out through Craft & Vision, a publishing arm of his website as downloadable e-books as pdfs and for iPad for the staggeringly low sum of just $5 apiece.

Just think about that for a moment. For a mere $5 you get a 70-100, sometimes 200, page book, beautifully illustrated with amazing photographs, and technical commentary on how they were done. I’ve paid as much as $6 or even $10 for photography magazine just for a single article of a few pages and here – for a measly five bucks you get a whole book!!!!

I purchased two, one being a book of his photographs of Iceland and so far I greatly like what I see and read.

David duChemin’s site and his book store are worth the visit. not to mention dropping a few bucks to try out.

(All images on this are courtesy of David duChemin, rights reserved.)

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