Walking Philadelphia–A Photographer On Vacation

Published On October 13, 2011 | By Mike Carroll | Philadelphia, Photo Essay, Retro Camera, Vacation

Wandering the neighborhood streets of Philadelphia with Shelby, Bonnie’s daughter Lori’s golden retriever.dog .

This is my first effort at posting a photo gallery or slideshow, so please be tolerant. I’ll probably have to try this a couple times till I can get it right — or, at least, to fake it decently.

Bonnie and I just returned from a visit to Philadelphia where her daughter Lori Foxworth (star of our film Nightbeats) and our grandson Sam now live. They have a five year old golden retriever named Shelby, who needs to be walked a couple times a day.

If I’m visiting somewhere and there’s a dog, you can almost bet money that I’m going to be walking it. I like it, though. As a kid we had a sheepdog-Alaskan malamute named Nikki and I spent much of my youth pounding the sidewalks of St. Louis with that little girl.

Shelby is a sweet dog who loves to go — and keep going. This worked out great for me because it allowed me to explore the Center City area where Lori and Sam call home.

This is a collection of some of my favorite snaps from those walks. I loved the geometry of the buildings, doors and bricks — as well as how the early morning slants of light played shadows across them.

Also, before flying out to Philadelphia, I was torn about what gear to bring — the Canon 7D and which lenses and should I bring the Rode mice? And how to pack it all? At the last minute I finally decided to just take a Nikon Coolpix, just a little compact digital camera you can toss in a pocket, and the Retro Camera app on my Android. In the end, it made the wanderings and picture-taking more spontaneous and enjoyable. I’m really coming to love these little pocket cameras and phone apps.

Please share any comments on how to improve this gallery/slideshow set up.

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