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Published On November 6, 2011 | By Mike Carroll | Philadelphia, Photo Essay, Retro Camera, Vacation

The Occupy Wall Street movement is now going into its second month. It’s getting colder and wetter out side so it will be a test of their endurance through the winter months. But I think they’ve sparked some nerves that many Americans have been feeling about the disproportionate bonuses of corporate CEOs are recieving. Especially if they slash thousands of workers from the payroll citing financial reasons, then are awarded $20-30 million dollar bonuses in cash and stock. That doesn’t happen in other countries–and it shouldn’t be happening here. I think this movement will be making its voice heard even louder in the coming election year.

But enough soapboxing. I’m posting this photo essay of pictures taken when Bonnie and I were in Philadelphia visiting her daughter Lori and grandson Sam last month. The Occupy movement had just spread from Wall Street in New York to City Hall in Philadelphia and was in its early days. At this writing (Sunday, November 6, 2011) I understand they’re still there.

Lori (on the left) and Bonnie (on the right) posed with an Occupy protester outside Philadelphia’s City Hall.

I went down to see and photograph the protest twice, once with Bonnie and Lori and the second time with Paul, Lori’s boyfriend. Together they produce an online photo/news magazine called Your Daily Cheesesteak about Philadelphia events, happenings, and cool things to see and do. It’s a slick, hip site and worth checking out. Paul’s a photo and tech guy and has helped me enormously with this site and all questions about WordPress, the open source online software for hosting this site, as well as the majority of sites on the web.

Paul taking a photo for yourdailycheesesteak.com

Since starting this site almost two years ago I’ve been tooling with it and trying to figure out WordPress’s idiosyncrasies, of which there are many. One that I could never get right was a hit counter. With a couple of clicks, Paul saw my problem and the hit counter appeared on Sunday, October 9, 2011. By the next morning Naked Filmmaking had over 200 hits already. I mention this because when I posted the photo essay of photos from Occupy Oakland earlier this week the counter was at 6,200. By the next morning it was up to 7,400. I’d had 1,200 visitors overnight!

I’m adding this photo essay because the Occupy movement has obviously captured a lot of interest, so I’d like to share these photos for those people. Peace.

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