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Published On November 13, 2011 | By Mike Carroll | Photo Essay, Retro Camera, Smart Art - Smart Phone Photos, Walking Around Snapshots

Thinking of calling this “Smart Art” — taking art photos with your smart phone.

When I take our dogs Ava and Alex out for walks around the neighborhood (we live in a section of Sacramento called Hollywood Park, just across from South Land Park) I always carry my Android phone with me. You never know when you’re going to have an emergency or see something and need to make a phone call. So far, thankfully, that hasn’t happened. But I always like carrying a camera with me and the Android has a cool photo app called Retro Camera, that makes pictures look like old snapshots.

From looking through these and past photos that I’ve posted here and on Flickr (, it’s obvious that I like formal compositions with geometric patterns.

I also like the textures of brick walls, cracks in cement, barbed wire, street lamps and telephone lines. Don’t ask me why. I’ll be the first one to admit that telephone lines rank among the world’s ugliest inventions. But there is something beautiful in the symmetry of the lines of the poles, the cross-poles and the stretching cables. (I long for the day in the future when electricity and communication will all be transmitted wirelessly. Yes, electricity as well. That is in development.)

Anyway… how did I get into wireless electricity?…

… These are the snaps I took over two walks of the neighborhood. I think of these photos as found objects – images that I just came across and grabbed my eye, that are the kinds of things that everyone else would walk past without even a passing glance. For me, it’s like walking down over a dirt path without ever considering the specks of old California gold that could easily be just below the surface.

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