Naked Filmmaking – Now Part of the Kindle Lending Library

Published On December 8, 2011 | By Mike Carroll | Books, Naked Filmmaking

Naked Filmmaking is now a part of the newly introduced Amazon Kindle Owner’s Lending Library. This should allow more people the opportunity to try the book out than would have before. And I believe that once you try the book, you’ll get the desire and the confidence to want to make your own film — in which case you’ll want to purchase the book to have it with you all the time, on your laptop, on your iPhone, on your Android, where ever you go.

So check out the Kindle Library — and check out Naked Filmmaking.

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Mike Carroll joined the digital revolution in 1999 with a Sony TRV900 camcorder and Final Cut Pro, when it was only Final Cut Pro and not version 2, 4 or a Suite.

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