Good Deeds Open Doors At Goodwill

Published On January 1, 2012 | By Mike Carroll | KCRA-TV, Shooting News

Just a few of the good workers in the donations receiving room at Goodwill at Watt & El Camino in Sacramento.

The last day of 2011. New Year’s Eve. KCRA reporter Brian Hickey and I are sent out on assignment to cover people making last minute donations to get breaks on their 2011 taxes.

Last year Brian Hickey had gone to the Deseret Industries thrift store and done stories and morning live shots at their drive-up donation area and it had gone very well, so we headed over there. This time, however, we were told that all media requests had to be submitted in writing and would be sent to Salt Lake City, Utah, (Deseret Industries is operated by the Mormon church) for consideration and they would get back to us in two months. Obviously, this would not work!

So I said to Brian, “There’s a huge Goodwill store not far from here. I did a big story on Goodwill Industries earlier this year. I bet that would work.”

Brian called up Mark Klingler, Director of Retail Operations with Goodwill Industries, who was on vacation at the time but still answered his phone. “Yeah, hi, I’m calling from KCRA–”

“Is this Mike Carroll?”

“No, this is Brian Hickey, but Mike Carroll is with me and said we should call you.” Brian went on to explain what we were doing.

“That all sounds fine. Sure, that’s be great. Just ask the guys taking in the donations to make sure they’re all right with being on TV. But yeah, go over and shoot whatever you want.”

Brian and I pulled in at the Goodwill Industries store and donation center at 3409 El Camino at Watt Avenue, shot for about 45 minutes and everybody, the people donating and the Goodwill employees taking in the donations were great.

I just wanted to make mention of this because it just goes to show that you do a story about something and work with people and treat them right, then they will open doors for you when you need to do another story. A win-win.

I just wanted to express my thanks to Mark and everyone else at Good Will Industries in Sacramento for the help in 2011 and want to wish my best to them for 2012.

Acts of good will certainly does open doors at Goodwill.

Common Ground – Goodwill Stores Get A Facelift from Mike Carroll on Vimeo.

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