KCRA Nello Olivo’s Award-Winning Wine–Dipped

Published On February 7, 2012 | By Mike Carroll | KCRA-TV, TV News Vault, Wine

Nello Olivo holding one of his special bottles of wine in his wine tasting room in Placerville.

I’ve done a couple of posts about my friend Nello Olivo’s award-winning wines. He introduced his wines starting in 2010 and in his first year alone won over 24 state, national and international awards. He called me a few weeks ago to tell me about something new — wine dipped in chocolate.

His neighbor Shari Fitzpatrick, founder of Shari’s Berries, has started to dip bottles of his wine, which have been covered in a plastic seal, in some of her fabulous gourmet chocolate, and made available for purchase as special gifts.

Shari Fitzpatrick with one of her chocolate-dipped bottles of Nello Olivo wine.

No two things say romance better than wine & chocolate, so this sounds like an especially winning combination.

I went up to his wine-tasting room in Placerville, located on the first floor of the Sequoia restaurant, to interview Nello and Shari, then followed them upstairs where he was hosting a dinner for his wine club. During this I filmed a special demonstration of how Shari dips and decorates the bottles in her special chocolate.

I had hoped to put this story together myself last week, to air in advance of Valentine’s Day so that people could have plenty of time to order one of these unique gifts. Unfortunately, last week at KCRA was so busy with weather coverage, a verdict on a major court case, and preparing for the Super Bowl, which NBC and KCRA was carrying. Every day was a twelve-hour day and there was just no room in in our newscasts for anything else.

KCRA reporter/anchor Richard Sharp very kindly wrote the story up and photographer Jorge Velasquez edited it and the story ran on KCRA’s Channel 3 Reports at Six O’Clock on Monday, February 6, 2012.

If you would like to order one of Nello’s award-winning wines dipped in Shari Fitzpatrick’s gourmet chocolate, please go to nelloolivo.com

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