Title page of the new book in the Amazon Createspace proof reader.

New Book – Going To The Presses!

Published On February 26, 2012 | By Mike Carroll | Books, One-Man Newsman

Title page of the new book in the Amazon Createspace proof reader.

My apologies to everyone who visits this page. It’s been far, far too long since I’ve posted. This is to fill you in.

I’ve not been away from my MacBook. Far from it! I haven’t been away from it at all!! I’ve been putting the finishing touches on my new book, One-Man Newsman: Being A Television Journalist In The Digital Age & How To Get A Job In TV News.

I’ve made mentions of the book over the past year. And, of course, everyone who works with me knows about it, and a few of my coworkers are in it.

This has been a very big undertaking, mostly because it is about people that I work with, as well as several other working television professionals around the country who have shared their lives and working methods with me in interviews. It’s also been a big responsibility because I have to get their stories right and present them in a manner that they can be proud to be a part of the book.

First page of the interview with KCG-TV reporter and MMJ Wayne Freedman, recipient of 51 Emmy awards.

I’ve included interviews with news directors who do the hiring and tell me about what they look for and how applicants should go about getting a job in TV. As well as long-time professionals like Wayne Freedman at KGO-TV, who has garnered a staggering 51 Emmys over his career. Wayne also has just revised and reprinted his own landmark book about TV news and journalism, It Takes More Than Good Looks to Succeed at Television News Reporting, 2nd Edition.

There are also interviews with new up-and-coming MMJs (Multi-Media Journalists), like Ashleigh Walters and Jacqueline Tualla, who do their work as one-man/one-person news crews as their own reporter-photographer-writer-editor. They cover their cities with camcorders and laptops and iPhones. Their work is what the new breed of journalists coming out of schools and looking for their first jobs, this book and these new working professionals will tell you what you need to be doing, to expect, and what you’ll need to know.

I also tell my own story of how I got into the business — which I don’t recommend to others — and hard, on-the-street information about cameras, shooting styles. I also show a bit about how I shoot interviews using available light and how to shoot an interview outdoors, which is like no other photographer I know.

I go into detail on the type of gear you’ll be using and the type of gear you ought to get. And I am an anti-gear shooter. I keep everything simple and light and easy so you can work fast — get in, get what you need, and go.

I also show how I write, with stories behind four news stories I’ve covered and the scripts from those stories so you can see what a news script actually looks like.

And these aren’t award-winning stories to intimidate you. These are same-day, meat-and-potato stories that pay the bills. But for the student trying to figure out how to put together a story and what to put on a reel — any one of these stories would be exactly what you’d want to show to any news director to jet a job.

Also in this book is a chapter, detailed with photographs, that shows you step-by-step how to edit a news package. Editing a regular news story can take anywhere from half and hour to an hour. I also share with you my tips-and-tricks on how, when facing a seemingly impossible deadline, you can edit a TV news story in 10 minutes! It’s a streamlined method that has saved my tail more than once — and impressed my peers. I may not wind up being the prettiest, but it will get a story on-the-air, and in TV news that’s all that matters.

The book is still a short way from being 100% done and available. I’m still setting up the book in the proofing stage. I first began this process this past Monday. Many things looked right. Many, many things needed tweaking here and there to make it work. I am not over-exaggerating when I say that over the past week I’ve uploaded the book over 50 times in going through the review process!

I finally got the book all the way through the process and to the stage of ordering a printed proof copy. Then I got a shocker. My first book Naked Filmmaking was printed in black & white and on inexpensive paper to keep costs down. With this book, since it’s geared mostly toward students — both college and high school — I felt it important to present the book in color, since television is in color. Even the Internet is color! So I wanted this book to represent the real world and today. I knew color printing would be more expensive, but when I saw that the printing cost alone on each copy of the book was going to be over $30 I gasped! That’s before pricing & shipping.

Note also: The book currently included over 250 full-color photographs!

I’m now trying to reduce the printing size of the book, down from 8×10 to 6×9 or smaller, to make the print version as affordable for students as possible.

And I won’t know what the printing cost of each copy will be until after the book goes all the way through to the print proof stage.

But — I’m getting very, very close!!!!!!!

I’ll keep you posted. And, again, my apologies for being absent from new blogs and updates. I promise to post more frequently this week. Even if it’s a snapshot of the dogs.






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