National Podcast Sends A Shout Out To Naked Filmmaking

Published On March 9, 2012 | By Mike Carroll | Books, Digital Convergence Podcast, DSLR, Naked Filmmaking

I’m a podcast junky. The frustrating thing about listening to the radio in the car is that, invariably, as soon as the program gets to something good that I really want to hear, I’ve gotten to where I was driving and I have to get out of the car. Now I download the podcasts of all the shows I’m addicted to. These come in great when I’m walking the dogs, Alex and Ava & our guest foster boy Tanner, in the morning.

One show I listen to every week is The Digital Convergence Podcast. It’s a filmmaking site that focuses on DSLR cameras and video editing. The show originates from Atlanta, Georgia, and is hosted by Carl Olson and his regular guest hosts Mitch Auger of in St. Louis and Chris Fenwick,, a professional editor in the Bay Area.

This morning I was out walking the dogs, listening to Episode 63 about the release of the new Canon 5D Mark III. I was literally kneeling down and scooping up some of the dog’s business  when I heard the show’s host Carl Olson say, “I’ve got one more e-mail to read. This one’s from Mike Carroll.” Then he went on to not only read my e-mail, but to send out a shout about my book Naked Filmmaking calling it, “A really great read!” Carl then went on to read my e-mail and say a load of nice things.

The podcast is available as a free download at iTunes.

Every week I learn something new. It’s through The Digital Film Podcast that I heard about David duChemin,, an independent photographer who is self-employed creating his own photography books. I now look upon duChemin as a role model.

Please check out Carl, Mitch & Chris and Episode 63 and his shout out to Naked Filmmaking.

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Mike Carroll joined the digital revolution in 1999 with a Sony TRV900 camcorder and Final Cut Pro, when it was only Final Cut Pro and not version 2, 4 or a Suite.

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