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Published On April 1, 2012 | By Mike Carroll | Books, Breaking Into TV News, One-Man Newsman, The Next Book

First proof of the new book from the beginning of March.

The new book which I’ve been mentioning here on the blog and to friends since last summer is only days away from publication and becoming available on Amazon.

I finished the writing and layout a month ago at the beginning of March and had the first proof made (seen in these photos) to see how it was going to work. And I’m pleased to say that it works!

I showed it to KCRA news director Anzio Williams, who is interviewed for the book and has been completely supportive from the outset all the way back in January 2011. In fact, I left it with Anzio to look at over the weekend — then didn’t see him for two weeks. It turns out that every year he participates in a university workshop for journalism students back on the east coast. He took the book with him and read most of it over the span of that week. His response was enthusiastic. He told me that the timing of reading the book while participating in this workshop was perfect timing because it reinforced everything that he was saying to the students and he was working with. He told me that in addition to recommending this book to all the students in the workshop. He also said that teachers and professors want to read the book in order to stay current with how the broadcast industry works today.

Bonnie going over the back cover of the first proof. Already, she’s spotted an error.

Since receiving the first printed proof, wife Bonnie and I have been going through it, page-by-page, sentence-by-sentence, comma-by-comma, to make sure that everything is accurate. There has been considerable editing in the process. The first printed proof was 85,000 words. It is currently 79,000.

The first version of the book was on 7×9 inch paper and printed in black & white and came in at 320 pages. My concern was keeping costs down. To have printed that book in color would have cost the consumer over $50 dollars per copy!

I then tried something radical — I expanded the size of the pages to 8×10 inches, and that alone brought the page count down to 250 pages. By editing and reworking the layout the book now comes in at just 200 pages. And in color it is a knockout! One of the final chapters deals with the step-by-step process of how a TV news story is edited. For this I use screen grab frames from the computer to illustrate exactly how a professional editor puts together a news story. In black & white this was all right, but it came across as various shades of gray. However, in full-color it explodes off the page! For the novice journalism student in either high school or college, this chapter alone will be worth the price of the book.

Bonnie looking over the interior of the book, which is black & white here and on smaller page size than what the final published edition will be.

Also, the title has changed. The original title of One-Man Newsman: Being a Television Journalist In The Digital Age & How To Get A Job in TV News was too long. I was also concerned that in this politically-correct era the term “one-man” could potentially come across as dated or alienating.

The new title is much more direct and to the point:

Breaking Into TV News: How To Get A Job & Excel As A Reporter-Photographer.

When I’d started the book and bandied titles with my co-workers, a few people had mentioned, “Why not just call it Breaking Into TV News?” My reluctance was because I was sure that there were an abundance of books with that title out there already. Finally, a few weeks ago I was at the computer and just typed that title into Amazon. Amazingly, there wasn’t one book with that title out there. This was hard to believe. Then I typed in into Google — and there wasn’t a website by that name either. This totally astounded me because it seems like such an obvious a title. Needless to say, within minutes after discovering that, I called up my Internet provider and locked down that domain name.

Bonnie and I are now in the final stages of reviewing the third proof, with a new title and new cover and all-color interior, I think this is going to be it. We’re no longer finding spelling errors in every paragraph, now it’s down to only once per chapter. So we’re — dare I say it — almost there!

Some of the pages from the chapter on video editing. This is a chapter that I wish had been available when I was trying to get into the business. Editing is one of the biggest mysteries when you’re starting out in “the business.” This chapter spells it out in easy-to-understand pages and filled with illustrations. Note: These pages are still in black & white — the final published version shall be in spectacular full-color.

Wanted to post this because I’ve had so many students asking me over the past week how much longer it will be until they can order their copy. I’m confident in saying now that it is only a matter of days.

I will make another announcement, both here and on Facebook, exactly when the book will be up on Amazon. And I promise you, this book will be worth your time.

Thanks for all the continued interest & support.

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