“Breaking Into TV News” — Kindle Edition Is Here!

Published On April 17, 2012 | By Mike Carroll | Books, Breaking Into TV News, One-Man Newsman

The Kindle ebook of Breaking Into TV News – How To Get A Job & Excel As A Reporter-Photographer is now available for instant download on Amazon!

And the Look Inside feature is available on the Kindle Edition so you can download the first 20 pages of the book to sample — or read on your computer on the Amazon page. So start reading now.

Breaking Into TV News was written largely for students, both in college and in high school, and two of the great advantages to the Kindle Edition are 1) it’s much cheaper at only $9.99; and 2) you can have it with you everywhere! And the Kindle Edition is filled with the more than 250 photos that are in the published version.

To those who aren’t familiar with how Amazon’s Kindle books work — you don’t have to own a Kindle to get Kindle books. Amazon offers free Kindle Reader apps as easy downloads so that you can read Kindle books on any computer — desktop, laptop, iPad, HP tablet — as well as any smart phone. Also, if you buy a Kindle book to read on your Kindle, you can also synch that purchase up on your other computers or your smart phone. So one purchased book can be read on any of your electronic platforms.

Breaking Into TV News as a Kindle Edition is a great deal that allows you to carry the book with you wherever you go, to class, when you’re working out in the field and trying to put together a story, anywhere. The ease of having the book on your laptop, iPad or phone permits you to read it anywhere and to refer back to it at any time if you need to.

Most of the cost of the printed full-color 8×10 book is in the printing and distribution costs. It’s not coming to me! I take a very small royalty of the total price of the book. And, based on the overwhelmingly positive feedback I’ve gotten from people who’ve looked through the book, those are costs that are well-spent. I design my books based on the books that have inspired me — and I think this is an inspiring book.

I was out on a news story last weekend and gave a copy of the book to an intern to look through while I had to shoot something. When I returned 20 minutes later she told me that she’d learned more just from reading through the book than she’d learned in her first month as an intern. Then she said she was going online to order herself a copy!



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