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Published On May 27, 2012 | By Mike Carroll | Daily Diary, KCRA-TV, Mike's TV News Stories, Shooting News, TV News Vault

The Solar eclipse was one week ago today. On that afternoon KCRA-TV in Sacramento, California, broadcast 90-minutes of live coverage from 5-7 o’clock, with a half hour for NBC Nightly News at 5:30-6 P.M.

As I detailed in last week’s blog, I operated the “Eclipse Cam” for the entire coverage of the eclipse, including feeding a continuous shot to the KCRA website, which continued streaming until the end of the eclipse at 7:30, resulting in some of the highest number of hits that the site’s had in the past year.

When KCRA Reports at 5 O’Clock came on with anchorman Chris Riva leading the news with my shot of the sun and mentioned my name as the KCRA photographer running the camera I was astounded. Over the next two hours Chris mentioned my name on air more times than I could count. I’ve never been too shy to say that I love hearing my name mentioned on the news, so this was high-octane gasoline for my ego.

Sony XDCAM with “Eclipse Filter” — neutral density gel folded over several times. Poor man’s ND filter. You could pay a couple hundred bucks for a filter like this. This was done with a secondhand $4 gel.

Photo taken by a truck driver who was watching the eclipse with me for a while.

I’ve taken the airchecks of the broadcast and edited them down to the highlights of the eclipse, shamelessly using almost ever reference to me that was made on air. In years to come, as the annuls of history mark the eclipse of May 20, 2012, I will be very content if this is the only video to be remembered.

Also, this past Friday the KCRA newsroom newsletter came out with this blurb, which, in the further interest in shameless self-promotion, I’m sharing here.

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