“Breaking Into TV News” Breaks Onto KXJZ, Capital Public Radio with Beth Ruyak

Published On June 12, 2012 | By Mike Carroll | Books, Breaking Into TV News, One-Man Newsman

With KXPR's "Insight" host Beth Ruyak holding her new favorite book.

This morning I was a guest on Insight, a daily morning interview program on KXJZ 90.9 Capital Public Radio with host Beth Ruyack, who had been with KCRA-TV just before I came on board.

A few weeks ago I’d written to the program suggesting myself as a guest to discuss the new book Breaking Into TV News How To Get A Job & Excel As A TV Reporter-Photographer as well as my pal Anthony D’Juan, who played DuBois in Nightbeats, and his play 3 that was being performed at The Artisan Theatre with Danielle Mone Truitt.

Yesterday afternoon I was in the new Sunflower Market checkout line and checking my e-mail on my Android and got this note, which had only been sent moments before, from Jennifer Picard, Senior Producer of “Insight”: “We would like to talk with you about your book. I realize this is pretty last minute, but I just had two cancellations in tomorrow’s program and wondered if you might be available to join us in the studio between 10 and 11 a.m.?”

Would I want to be on their show??? I immediately wrote back that the timing couldn’t have been more perfect because I was on vacation and was completely free. (I knew there had to be a reason why I’d taken this week off.)

With "Insight" host Beth Ruyak and senior producer Jennifer Picard in the KXJZ interview booth. (Notice that Beth won't let this book out of her hands!)

Beth Ruyak is a person I’ve heard about ever since I moved to Sacramento (uncountable years ago) but have never crossed paths. She’d been an anchor with KCRA, gone onto the networks and spent some time on ABC’s Good Morning America, and covered several Olympics.

A few minutes before the show Beth popped into the green room to introduce herself and said, “You’re going to be the easiest interview I’ve ever had. We’re just going to have a chat.”

A few minutes later the chat began, which you can listen to here. The time raced by. Beth was a great host and made me feel completely at home.

I’m always concerned about doing a good job on these live type of interviews, as when I was on Carl Olson’s Digital Convergence Podcast and with Adrienne Bankert on KCRA a few weeks ago. I think about all the types of things that I feel are important to get across to the audience and what a good opening line or two would be to get the ball rolling. Of course, being the guest you are completely in the hands of the program host. As much as possible, once the interview begins, you have to just let it all (or most of that) fall away and just go with the flow of the conversation and be a good guest. Just as with being invited into someone’s home, you want to be the kind of person who will be invited back sometime down the road in the future.

And Jennifer was so kind to have written back to me and cheerfully welcomed me into the program. The whole experience couldn’t have been a nicer way to spend a Tuesday morning on vacation.

Listen and/or download the interview podcast here.

Actor Linda Nalbandian, host Beth Ruyak and director-playwright Charlotte Higgins

Also interviewed on the program were director-playwright Charlotte Higgins and actor Linda Nalbandian (who I instantly recognized from her role in friend and filmmaker Sarah Kreutz’s movie Elsa Letterseed) about their one-woman show Alabama Bound, playing at the Geery Theater, 2130 L Street in Sacramento, this weekend.

To listen to and/or download their interview click here

Thank you to everyone for being so welcoming. And to Linda and Charlotte, break a leg this weekend!

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Mike Carroll joined the digital revolution in 1999 with a Sony TRV900 camcorder and Final Cut Pro, when it was only Final Cut Pro and not version 2, 4 or a Suite.

4 Responses to “Breaking Into TV News” Breaks Onto KXJZ, Capital Public Radio with Beth Ruyak

  1. Charles Sanson says:

    After purchasing your book on Amazon, I read it within 24hrs. So much info and no BS.
    I wrote a Script “Crucifixion on Route 66” 9 years ago. I figured if I had multiple locations, cars, animals, young kids, 1930’s period. I would have something unique, it is, but it would have been a bitch to “film” 9 years ago. After reading your book there is still hope. I can afford a Black Magic Camera and as a one man band (Okay a small ensemble) I believe I can get the job done. Thanks again for your book. To bad your upcomong book wasn’t around after I got out of the Marines, I always wanted to work as a TV cameraman. Maybe I still could (I am 70) the cameras are lighter now. LOL

  2. Charles Sanson says:

    Oh, the book was “Naked Filmmaking”

  3. Charles Sanson says:

    I just listened to your interview, your comments have convinced me that it would be fun for a “Geezer” like me to do some Freelance work for local TV. Now I am going to have to buy “Breaking Into TV NEWS”.

  4. Jim Stockton says:

    Hi Beth I interned at KCRA . My first day was baby Jessica in the well. I remember you pitching one of your puppy’s to me, just kidding. Or was it Carol Bland. My biggest personal shoot was ZZ top at Arco. I was a little out of my league , when the media director gave me my area pass and showed my film areas I went into shock for a moment forgetting why I was there. Do you remember when they assigned a cameraman to a reporter all the cameramen were wondering who would get Bill Harvey. Everyone wanted to be assigned with You. You and Margret Larsen were always the favorites. Sorry I went a bit long. It was good to see your story online , maybe well do a shoot together someday, just kidding. Good to see you again, bye Beth.

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