Naomi Lee “Breaking Into TV News” At KSBW

Published On July 9, 2012 | By Mike Carroll | Breaking Into TV News, KCRA-TV

Naomi Lee, jazzed about breaking into TV news.

I’m very happy to announce that Naomi Lee, one of the interns who appear in photographs in Breaking Into TV News: How To Get A Job & Excel As A TV News Reporter-Photographer, is now a full-time associate producer at KSBW in Salinas, California.

Naomi is a role model example of the classic route to getting a full-time job — with benefits — in TV news.

Naomi entered the doors of KCRA as an intern a few years ago an did whatever she could to be part of the team. When a part-time job opened up on the High School Playbook team she applied and started covering games and filing sports packages for the web and, occasionally, on the evening news. She learned how to edit and could always be found in the editing area working on her resume reel. She also helped out with producing. Naomi was always cheerful and always eager to learn and to volunteer when an opportunity presented itself — all steps detailed in Breaking Into TV News.

You put your time in and hope it will pay off later. Career sweat equity, I call it.

Naomi put in the time and has now been rewarded with a full-time job at a great station in a gorgeous part of the country.

Naomi is living proof that there is a way to doing things and if you put in the time and the work — and keep working at it — it can work for you.

All the best to Naomi in her new job at KSBW. I hope our paths will cross again in this business.

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