Light Is My Friend: Walking & Found Objects

Published On October 2, 2012 | By Mike Carroll | Light Is My Friend, Photo Essay, Retro Camera, Walking Around Snapshots

From left to right: Bea, Alex & Ava

The simple dance of light on the little things around us that we normally don’t bother to look at and walk right past . . . But which I feel art part of the beauty around us . . . And are Art in their own way.

Found Objects is a series of photo essays that I also shoot when out walking the dogs. It focuses on seeing the same areas — alleys and streets — in my neighborhood in different lighting conditions. The light in the morning is completely different from the light in the afternoon or at dusk. Different other conditions such as clouds, rain and the seasons also are factors. I take these pictures as studies in light and to remind myself to keep an open mind. When you look at something one day, such as a wall or a tree or the phone poles that run down an alley, they may look ugly the first time, but they could look completely different and utterly mesmerizing when the light changes on another day or just a few hours later. The lesson of this is if you are filming a project or taking photos of something for a purpose and the light is terrible the first time you see it, just keep in mind that it will look different and not to write the location off. Perhaps going and shooting somewhere else for a few hours and coming back later will make all the difference. In other words, keep an open mind and be flexible.

The photos that follow are from the walk with Alex, Ava & Bea yesterday evening at Land Park in Sacramento and this morning through the adjoining South Land Park neighborhood.

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