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Published On December 5, 2012 | By Mike Carroll | KCRA-TV, Mike's TV News Stories, Shooting News

This is a story that KCRA assignment editor Melissa Chacon, who is the glue that holds the newsroom together, has wanted to do for years. Finally, allergy-free landscape advocate Tom Ogren was in Sacramento for a conference and Melissa tapped me to do a story on him. Melissa is always keeping an eye for stories that could be good “Mike Carroll packages.” I wanted to do my best work on this story, both because it is something that Melissa has wanted to be covered and because Tom is so passionate about his subject.

Tom Ogren is an author and allergy-free advocate who argues that people have thrown nature out of balance in how they landscape their yards and parks. Many people would prefer to plant male-gender plants and trees rather than female-gender plants and trees, which produce the fruit and berries that can ripen and fall to the yard or sidewalk or driveway and become a mess to clean up. The result is a preponderance of male-gendered trees and plants–which produce pollen. If you suffer allergies you can appreciate what a serious situation this has become.

KCRA Tom Ogren – Allergy-Free Garden 12-5-2012 from Mike Carroll on Vimeo.

Tom travels around the country working with cities and school to landscape parks and campuses so that they are allery-free, thus protecting children and city populations at large from the health problems associated with allergies.

You can learn more about this at Tom’s website, http://www.allergyfree-gardening.com/

KCRA‘s once-a-month magazine program Common Ground is on weekend after this. I hope to be able to run an expanded version of this story with more of what Tom had to tell me in that show. Stay tuned. . . .

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  1. jorge says:

    I don’t always get to see your stories on 3 but I’m always happy to catch up on your work when I visit your blog. You are such a breath of fresh air with the stories you decide to tackle…really interesting and great to watch from your Yoga Soldiers to your great weather video of “your kids” to the one I enjoyed today..The Tree Man…

    As Walt would say…”You my friend” are an inspiration!

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