“Cheatin'”–New Animated Independent Feature Film from Bill Plympton–Executive Produced by Matthew Modine & Adam Rackoff

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A year ago I posted a series of articles here about Matthew Modine and his Full Metal Jacket Diary iPad App, which was receiving funding through Kickstarter. The funds raised far exceeded the amount being sought and the Full Metal Jacket Diary iPad App came out on iTunes this past summer, also heralded here at Naked Filmmaking with a series of exclusive interviews with Matthew Modine and co-producer Adam Rackoff.

Yesterday morning I received this e-mail from Adam:

I’m writing because Matthew and I are Executive Producing Bill Plympton’s new animated feature film. We launched a Kickstarter campaign last week in an attempt to raise money to complete it.

I have to admit that before Adam’s e-mail I’d never heard of Bill Plympton. But seeing what he’s done, what he’s doing–and how he does it!–I’m very, very happy and proud to be asked to help promote the work of this independent artist and help him to get his film made.

Bill has already been nominated for the Oscar for Best Animated Short Subject for Eat Your Face (1988). You’ve seen his artwork in print and in commercials for decades. His work has a look somewhere between Terry Gilliam and David Lynch. Here is his show reel:

Bill Plympton is the animated world’s one-man/one-person filmmaker–he writes and hand-draws every frame of his films. He has a tiny staff of ten people who handle the coloring and scanning. There are very, very few independent animators. If Matthew Modine and Adam Rackoff are behind Bill, then I am, too.

Bill has been an independent animated filmmaker for decades. Here are his many films available on DVD from Amazon.

Here is a link to Bill Plympton’s Kickstarter page. As of this writing he’s more than a quarter of the way to reaching his goal with almost $20,000 raised for the total of $75,000 that he needs. There’s over a month left to go. Please join me in helping Bill to get this film completed.

For filmmakers and those interested in the process of creating an animated film, Bill has been posting a fascinating video blog on Vimeo. I’m linking a couple of his video journal entries at the bottom.

Please check this out & good luck, Bill!

“CHEATIN’ is my 7th animated feature and the first being done in a hand-painted style with over 40,000 drawings to be colored!”


CHEATIN’ is an animated adult tale of love, jealousy, revenge, and murder – full of nudity and violence, but also with my surreal sense of humor. The story is inspired by the work of James M. Cain (“Double Indemnity”, “The Postman Always Rings Twice”). CHEATIN’ marks my 7th animated feature film.

I’ve always enjoyed using watercolors in my illustrations, and now, for the first time, I can employ my painterly sensibilities to the treatment of my animation. This loose, almost impressionistic style has never been seen before in my films. Thanks to this new aesthetic and a beautiful, full-length musical score, I believe CHEATIN’ will be a breakthrough for my career! Unfortunately this style is very difficult and time-consuming to complete.

I am an artist and take great pride in my status as an independent filmmaker. I don’t work with big production houses and I draw every frame myself. Including my Producer and Art Director, my studio employs 10 artists who need to digitally clean, paint, and composite over 40,000 animation drawings. We have an editor, composer, and sound designer working out-of-house, making the total staff under 20 people – quite small compared to the thousands on staff at large animation studios such as Pixar or Disney. For these reasons, it’s very difficult to raise funds for this project, and that’s why we need your support!

With your help, we hope to complete this landmark film by next September – just in time to qualify for the Oscars!

Thank you for your support!

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