Digital Convergence Podcast — The Return & Revised

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Carl Olson invited me to be his guest on the most recent show of the Digital Convergence Podcast for Episode 115: The Age of the Indie with his co-hosts Chris Fenwick of and Planet Mitch of

Click here to go to the Digital Convergence page and download the 90-minute podcast.

I’ve been a fan of the DCP almost from it’s inception and started writing fan e-mails to Carl after hearing his episode with David du Chemin about his photography and self-published photography e-books, which was a great inspiration for me in my own site, books, and business profile. I blogged about David here on this site back in July 2011.

Last May, Carl had me on the show to discuss Naked Filmmaking: How To Make A Feature-Length Film – Without A Crew – For $10,000 Or Less (the first edition) and my method of making movies as a one-person crew. During that episode (#75 The $10K Indie Filmmaker) all of the conversation was about the making of the films. At the end Carl asked me about distribution and I had little time to answer. To be honest, I was both so excited and so nervous to be a part of the show and actually talking with Carl and Chris and Mitch, whom I loyally listen to as a fan every week, that after an hour or so of being on the show I was talked-out and brain-fried.

Since then I’ve continued to stay in touch with Carl, and have met Chris Fenwick when I attended one of his San Francisco Cutters meetings. I still hope to meet Planet Mitch whenever I can get back to my hometown of St. Louis, where Mitch is based.

Carl has been a big supporter of my filmmaking and was very excited to learn that I was revising Naked Filmmaking for a second edition dealing with DSLR filmmaking. Two weeks ago in Episode 114: Video On Demand of the Digital Convergence Podcast Carl mentioned that he wanted to have me back on the show. Right after the recording of the show I sent him an e-mail that Naked Filmmaking: How To Make A Feature-Length Film – Without A Crew – For $10,000-$6,000 Or Less Revised & Expanded For DSLR Filmmakers was finished and up on Amazon. Literally minutes later he responded with an invitation to be the guest on the very next episode.

(I’m looking over this page and — my God, there’s a lot of red and links all over the place!!!)

This was a particularly great opportunity because I had the chance to answer the question that had been lingering on my mind from the end of the first time that I was on the podcast — what to do with your film once you were done with it and it had either made it, or not made it, into film festivals. This whole episode was about distribution. More importantly for independent filmmakers — independent self-distribution. How to get your movie — or book or music CD — out to the world without signing away the rights to a middleman and never seeing a nickel.

I spent most of my part of the show, as you’ll discover if you’ll download and listen to it, telling about my experiences with CreateSpace ( and self-distributing my films and books to the world via Amazon. At present I have two books selling on Amazon as softcover printed books and Kindle e-books, and three movies going out as DVDs and digital downloads to rent or own. Through Amazon my work has sold in every corner of the United States, as well as Canada, the U.K., France, Italy Germany, Brazil, Japan, Hungary, and Australia.

An added benefit to getting my work out to the world, I’ve gotten e-mails from filmmakers around the world who’ve tried my book and films and are like-minded, or crazy, in making their own films as one-person filmmakers, or filmmakers working with incredibly minimal crews.

Carl, Chris and Mitch are incredibly nice, interesting and interested people. And amazingly hospitable hosts. Once you’re on the podcast and talking it’s almost like the movie the movie Pleasantville from a few years back, about a kid (Tobey Maguire) who is obsessed with a TV show and then somehow steps into the world of the show he’s been following.

Similarly, to be a subscriber and daily reader of Mitch’s website, and get the thrill of receiving an e-mail alert and see a photo of myself touting the podcast and the release of Naked Filmmaking Revised as the top story on Planed 5D for the day.

Thanks again to Carl, one of the most affable hosts in the iTunes podcast universe, Planet Mitch of Planet5D and the uber-cool Chris Fenwick, for making me feel so welcome and at home.




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