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This started out as one of those “Drive up there and check this out” assignments that KCRA assignment desk editor Melissa Chacon gives me from time to time. The thought being that at worst it will be just another VO-SOT story on the 6 o’clock news. Or at best it could become a “Mike Carroll package.” So far I have been able to bring back and turn around one of my reporter-photographer packages every time.

This time the story to check out was from a press release about a couple, Patrick and Renee DuBois, who are building a very nice home up in Newcastle in the Sieera Foothills. The news hook is that they wanted everything in their home to be constructed with materials that have been produced in the U.S.

Before arriving at this story I had no idea that virtually all the OSB board used in the U.S. is manufactured in Canada, that the vast majority of cement, at least what is used in the West and Southwest, comes from Mexico, and that virtually all the nails used in this country are shipped in from China.

The astounding and inspiring part of the story is that the DuBois’ have been able to achieve this with only a 2% additional cost to their original budget — much, much lower than anyone had ever anticipated.

To learn more about the house and to follow Patrick and Renee’s journey with their house, you can follow them at ouramericanmadehome.com

A few days later I stopped by the assignment desk on my way into work to check in with Melissa and she told me that the day after this story ran, NBC had called after seeing the synopsis of the story and wanted it fed up on the satellite to circulate for other NBC affiliates. This was the only story from that day from KCRA that they were interested in.

An expanded version of this story will be appearing on Common Ground, KCRA-3’s once-a-month magazine program at the end of the month. I will keep you posted on when it runs and shall post the finished story here as well.

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