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Published On July 1, 2013 | By Mike Carroll | Filmmakers, Matthew Modine

MM_Web_TV_Film_Annex_ShowcaseA year and a half ago actor-filmmaker Matthew Modine came to Sacramento promoting his new short film Jesus Was A Commie.

Just prior to that I had already been put in touch with Matthew to help spread the word. That I had purchased a copy of his limited edition photo-chronicle book Full Metal Jacket Diary was a nice little plus.

I extensively wrote about Matthew and his film, as well as again last year when the Full Metal Jacket Diary was adapted into a fabulous iPad app in collaboration with producer Adam Rackoff.

Adam is a great guy who has always included me among his email alert list when something new comes out. This is very new — and very cool! — and I can’t wait to share it.

Matthew and Adam have created a new site where people can now see, in 720 HD, the extended director’s cut of his film Jesus Was  A Commie. You can also see several of Matthew’s other films, which have previously never been available.

Film Annex, an online film distribution and financing company, has partnered with award-winning actor Matthew Modine (Full Metal Jacket, And the Band Played On, The Dark Knight Rises, Jobs) to release several of his short films. With more than three decades of experience as an actor, Matthew has appeared in over 70 feature, cable, and television films. Film Annex has agreed to present an exclusive re-launch of his award-winning short, Jesus Was A Commie. Moreover, a Film Annex channel dedicated to Modine will feature exclusive interviews, behind-the- scenes photos, and original materials that his films are based on. The channel will also debut many of his previous short films including I Think I Thought and To Kill An American, as well as videos from his award-winning Full Metal Jacket Diary iPad application.

Film Annex’s Creative Director, Eren Gulfidan, reached out to Modine and his team after watching Jesus Was A Commie earlier this year. “I thought the film was one-of-a-kind, and I wanted as many people as possible to see it. Interviewing Matthew about the inspiration behind the film was eye-opening, and I’m excited to share that with our audience as well.” Modine’s films will be featured on Eren’s Picks, a spotlight section on Film Annex, which provides filmmakers with more exposure and more revenue.

About the collaboration, Matthew Modine said: “I’m thrilled to be working with Film Annex; an innovative platform for independent filmmakers to share their work online. Francesco [Rulli] and Eren [Gulfidan] have inroads to global markets and audiences specifically interested in short films. This re-release of Jesus Was a Commie and my other short films will expand their visibility to new audiences. Film Annex is unique because their selections are curated and feature only the best short films and videos.”

Adam just sent me a note to ask everyone to help spread the word on this new distribution project. If you can visit the page and Like it on Facebook, Tweet about it, and so on. Please help spread the word.

We need to get our “Likes,” Tweets, and Subscription numbers up. Please share as many ways as you can using the buttons on the Web TV page. — Adam Rackoff

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  1. Matthew Modine says:

    Thank you Michael. Your support of filmmakers and artists is unparalleled. Appreciate all you do and how you do it. Always smiling and full of enthusiasm.
    Matthew Modine

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