More Adventures Using Canon 7D DSLR In TV News

Published On August 15, 2013 | By Mike Carroll | DSLR, KCRA-TV, Shooting News

A few days ago I posted about doing a test shoot with my Canon 7D and how the footage looked when aired on KCRA-TV in Sacramento, California, where I work as a TV news photographer (though, I prefer “cameraman”). Buoyed by that experience I decided to take another stab at using the 7D for news.

On Tuesday I was assigned to work with KCRA reporter Mike Luery on a story about businesses that put out “sandwich board” signs along the streets to advertise. A story like this can be very land, but I thought it would be an excellent opportunity to “jazz up” the images by incorporating some super-wide angle shots with the Tokina 11-16mm F2.8 lens. I shot the news elements of the story with my assigned Sony CineAlta XDCAM, but would also set up quick shots with the 7D on my personal Manfrotto tripod with the legs spread out for the lowest angle possible to get interesting, exaggerated shots of the sidewalk signs.

Here are frame grabs of all the shots in the story filmed with the Canon 7D and the Tokina 11-16 lens. My normal preferred method of shooting news is handheld with movement. But all these shots were done on a tripod, with the sole exception of the very last shot of the story where the business owner is taking up his sign and carrying it back into his place. This happened very quickly so I just grabbed the 7D and “zone” shot and followed him with the Canon, meaning that I didn’t look through the lens but just guessed what the framing was.

Signs DSLR 7D 1

luery signs 6p 8-13-2013 2

luery signs 6p 8-13-2013 3

luery signs 6p 8-13-2013 4

luery signs 6p 8-13-2013 5

luery signs 6p 8-13-2013 6

All in all, I think this test & the use of the ultra-wide lens worked extremely well. And, most importantly, you can’t — or, at least, I can’t — see any difference between the HD footage from the Canon or the Sony cameras.

But I leave the final conclusion for you to judge.

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Mike Carroll joined the digital revolution in 1999 with a Sony TRV900 camcorder and Final Cut Pro, when it was only Final Cut Pro and not version 2, 4 or a Suite.

3 Responses to More Adventures Using Canon 7D DSLR In TV News

  1. I shoot with several of the canon DSLR’s and they all look great and rival any 3chip camera that I have shot with. Much of my work is with the 5D Mark III with all I fame mode. Great post.
    Shaun David

  2. Mike Carroll says:

    Many thanks for the comment. You’re in Pittsburgh? How did you find the site?

  3. Craig McCulloch says:

    Mike, did you live in Napa about 50 + years ago? If so, I think we lived just down the street from you.


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