Behind-The-Scenes – Editing the Rim Fire

Published On August 24, 2013 | By Mike Carroll | KCRA-TV, Shooting News

Yesterday I posted the behind-the-scenes story about covering the frontline firefighters battling the Rim Fire, which has now reached into Yosemite National Park. It’s reported to be 5% contained. Yesterday (Friday 8-23-2013) the fire was 105,000 acres in size. This is roughly the size of the cities of Sacramento and Stockton combined. This morning it’s now 125,000 acres. That’s 20,000 more damaged/destroyed acres of forest in just 24 hours.

I’ve posted some behind-the-scenes shots that reporters have shaped of me shooting stories, but I’ve never had any behind-the-scenes of what it looks like when we edit.

The camera is set up just outside the door so that KCRA reporter David Bienick, sitting beside me in the passenger’s seat, could record his audio track into a stick microphone with a wireless cube transmitter and I could record into an SD card in the side of my Sony XDCAM, then slip the SD card into my laptop and cut to his track.

Mike editing Rim Fire 1 8-22-2013

While I was rushing to edit our footage into news stories for the 5 & 6 o’clock news on KCRA-3 TV, photographer Jorge Velasguez was going around with his Nikon taking pictures. Here are two behind-the-scenes snaps.

Mike editing Rim Fire 2 8-22-2013

As I described yesterday, we have now gone all-HD in the field. The reporters all have their own Dell laptops for writing and filing stories and now all the  shooters have now been issued their own Dells with Adobe Premiere for editing and uploading stories.

I have the keys of my laptop marked with colored Adobe Premier edit labels with editing icons for quick visual reference. It’s maddening for me to try and remember which key is the Blade, which is the Insert, which is the Overwrite, etc. This makes it immediate for the eye. I picked them up on eBay from the U.K. The keyboard also has a $5 silicone protective cover to keep dirt and anything else out of the keys. Very useful when working in the open like this.

I’m looking a little tense here. Rapidly trying to finish editing and “filling the holes” in a story with video. It definitely gets the adrenalin going.

Jorge sent me a link to a video that he and KCRA reporter Brian Hickey made at the fires.

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