Sacramento Film & Music Festival — Honoring Me with the annual Film Service Award

Published On September 9, 2013 | By Mike Carroll | Filmmakers

Saturday afternoon, September 7, 2013

Around 3 o’clock the phone rang. I was in an edit bay at KCRA having just uploaded my story for the 6 o’clock news.

It was Laurie Pederson with the CFAA – Califoria Film Arts Alliance – a film group that I am a member of and that puts on the annual Sacramento Film & Music Festival. The 14th festival which kicks off this Wednesday. My film Nightbeats premiered in the 2009 SF&MF. I met Laurie over ten years ago when she was part of the bare bones crew that Michael Dryhurst had rallied when we made a short film that he wrote, produced & directed called Power, and which I shot, recorded audio and edited.

To help promote the festival I have already shot & edited a package on Stolen Moments, the opening night feature film, which is locally produced and stars my filmmaking amigo Anthony D’Juan, who was one of the ensemble leads in my film Nightbeats.

The conversation went something like this:

Laurie: “I wanted to call and remind you that the film festival kicks off this Wednesday — ”

(Okay. I know what she’s calling about. Publicity for the festival. I’ve already got it covered.)

Me: “Yes. And I’ve already put together a package about the opening night movie Stolen Moments that is going to run on our Tuesday night news to help spread the word about the festival. I’m always doing stories about festivals where the story runs at 6:30 and the festival kicks off at 7, so nobody who’s watching has any time to head down to the thing to attend.”

“Wow. That’s great. I really appreciate that. I wanted to make sure that you’re going to be there?”

“Yes. Bonnie and I are both planning on coming. I’m looking forward to seeing my buddy Anthony up on the big screen at the Crest again.”

“Great, great. Because I wanted to make sure you were going to be there because — I don’t know if anybody’s called you about this or not — but before the opening night film we kick off the festival by presenting our annual Film Service Award. Last year I got it and it was a really big honor. It’s given out to people in the community who’ve made an impact for their work in films and in helping out the other filmmakers in this area. And this year we’re giving it to you.”

“. . . Uh . . . . What? Really? You’re kidding?”

“Well, you’ve taught classes spreading the word about independent filmmaking and you’ve motivated so many people to try to make their films and you’re always willing to speak to the filmmaking groups about shooting and lighting and recording sound and we just decided that you’re the best person to receive it this year.”

“Wow. I’m incredibly flattered and touched. That’s terribly, terribly nice. I’m speechless. I didn’t know anything about this. Thank you.”

This is in the CFAA newsletter that I received today:

Sac Film Fest - 2013 Film Service Award

I must say that Laurie caught me totally off-guard. This is very generous and I am incredibly grateful to Laurie and the board of the CFAA. This is a very nice honor to receive from my filmmaking fellows.

Hopefully someone there will take a snap shot so I can post later in the week.

A Facebook announcement posted on Sunday after Laurie called me:

Sac Film Fest - Facebook Award note 9-7-2013

Right after this presentation will follow the opening film Stolen Moments, on which I have done a news story on that will run on KCRA-3 on Tuesday night at 6 o’clock to tease the festival. More on that film here:


For more info and trailer visit:

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Stolen Moments, a sexy, surprising contemporary comedy drama set in California’s capital city, makes its world premiere Wednesday Sept. 11, the opening night of the Sacramento Film & Music Festival. The independent feature film, directed by Elisabeth Nunziato, is a funny and tumultuous love story about two intersecting romances and the universal difficulty of recognizing happiness.

Shot on location in Sacramento, the film is set to the rhythm of the city. It features a vibrant soundtrack of original music from regional artists including Mike Farrell, Lee Bob Watson, Dave Bass, David Christensen (K Sera), Atlas and Arrows, and Mumbo Gumbo.

Director Nunziato elicits passionate, spontaneous and often hilarious performances from a varied ensemble of professional actors, many of whom are well known to Sacramento-area theatergoers. The cast includes Danielle Mone’ Truitt, Dave Pierini, Jason Kuykendall, , Brittni Barger, and Anthony D’Juan.

Director of Photography Michael Malmberg (Iron Mountain Films) captures Sacramento’s many iconic settings in true indie fashion, working with minimal crew and lighting. His detailed visual style heightens the story’s rich emotional journey.

The film’s producing partners are Director Elisabeth Nunziato, Editor/Actor Jason Kuykendall (NK Media), DP Michael Malmberg, and Editor/Production Designer Lynn Malmberg (Iron Mountain Films). Stolen Moments was written by Sacramento-based writer Maurice Robie.

Tickets and festival passes to the Sacramento Film & Music Festival will be available soon at the Crest Theatre Box Office and via

Calendar listing information: Stolen Moments screens the evening of Wednesday, Sept. 11, at The Crest Theatre, (1013 K St.) as the official opening night selection of the Sacramento Film & Music Festival. Click the following link for ticket prices and availability.

For more info and trailer visit:

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