KCRA “Stolen Moments” Opens the 14th Sacramento Film & Music Festival

Published On September 12, 2013 | By Mike Carroll | DSLR, Filmmakers, KCRA-TV, Mike's TV News Stories, Shooting News

The 14th annual Sacramento Film & Music Festival gets underway at the Crest Theater.

This is a a news story that I photographed, reported and edited for KCRA-3 TV News.

A year and a half ago my good friend Anthony D’Juan, actor-writer, who appeared in my film Nightbeats told me about a film that he was working on that was being directed by Elisabeth Nunziato, who is something of a Sacramento theater icon, acting and directing on the stage at the B Street Theater.

I visited the set of the film Stolen Moments and shot some behind-the-scenes footage with my Canon 7D and recorded wireless audio with a mic on Elisabeth that was fed into a Zoom H4N. Interestingly, Stolen Moments was being filmed on the Canon 7D and audio was being recorded into a Zoom H4N as well.

Stolen Moments on set 2

I didn’t hear any more about the film after that. Then a few weeks ago Anthony was over for a long overdue visit and told me that Stolen Moments was the opening night film for the 14th annual Sacramento Film & Music Festival.

I sent Elisabeth a note about wanting to promote her film. We shot some interviews a week ago and I put this package together to help publicize Elisabeth’s film and the festival.

It had been planned for the story to run on KCRA’s Tuesday 6 o’clock news, but President Obama’s speech to the nation on Syria squeezed the story out. Such is breaking news in the news biz.

I pitched the story to the story to the morning show to run and spread the word about the film and the festival starting at 7 AM in the hope of letting as many viewers know about the festival as possible. Luckily, The morning show too the story.

I am posting this quickly in the effort to get the word out about the film and the festival.

A longer and more thorough blog on this story and Stolen Moments will be coming in another blog post in the coming weeks.

Please say tuned . . . . .


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