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Published On September 15, 2013 | By Mike Carroll | DSLR, KCRA-TV, Mike's TV News Stories, Shooting News

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Wednesday, September 11, 2013 — the whirlwind day of a whirlwind week.

It’s not uncommon for a reporter to have two stories on in a day, although in separate newscasts. But it is very rare for a reporter to have two packages on in the same news hour.

This has been one whirlwind of a week. My wife Bonnie’s sister Donna has been visiting from Charleston, South Carolina. I’ve been editing interviews for the next book I’m working on. I was invited to contribute an article for an e-book being released in a few days, and only had four days to come up with something & write it. There was the opening night ceremony of the 14th annual Sacramento Film & Music Festival. And more — as I shall detail in Story 2:


In this case, as I’d detailed in the previous post, I’d put together a story about Stolen Moments, the opening night film of the 14th annual Sacramento Film & Music Festival. My original goal was for the story to run on Tuesday evening in the 6 o’clock news to give viewers a day’s notice about the film and give viewers a chance to plan out their Wednesday evening in advance. Unfortunately, due to breaking news about President Obama’s speech to the nation about Syria, my story got bumped.

However, I still wanted to start spreading the word about the Festival and the film to viewers, so I prevailed upon the KCRA morning executive producer Gretchen Littlejohn about the story, and she very kindly rook it and ran the piece in the Wednesday 7 AM news. (The morning show always loves the opportunity to break the first-run of a news story rather than always rerunning stories from the previous evening’s news.) So this was my first story on KCRA of the day.


I also got a call from Danica Nello to let me know that her husband Nello would be harvesting the grapes from his vineyard, which always makes for a great news story in Northern California. Also that it would be happening on an as yet undetermined day. As fate would have it, they started the picking on the very Wednesday, September 11, 2013, that all this was going on.

I’ve done a number of stories about Nello Olivo and his remarkable wines. His wines have been on the market for only three years and they’ve already been honored with over 30 first place Gold Medal awards.

Nello would be out with the vineyard harvesters starting at 6 AM. I made arrangements to be there by 7:15. It’s a 45-minute drive from my house.

NOTE: I shall be writing in greater depth in a few weeks. I am currently putting together a much longer version of this story that will be running on KCRA’s magazine program Common Ground next month in October.

After shooting this story I went back to the station, wrote, tracked and edited it for the 6 o’clock news.

Since I started the day at 6:30 AM I was able to leave in the late afternoon — which wound up being very helpful for my day’s plans for the evening . . . . .


The Stolen Moments story was also scheduled for the six o’clock news. KCRA 6 o’clock news producer Amy McPherson christened her show: The Mike Carroll Show.


That evening was the opening night of the Sacramento Film & Music Festival, which I referred to in an earlier blog, and which I will be writing more about in the next day or so.

Bonnie and her sister Donna and I got to the Crest Theater around 6:30 and it was an hour of non-stop handshakes, greetings and congratulations. All incredibly nice and generous.

KCRA always sends a photographer to cover the opening night of the festival. In past years I have filmed it. This time I turned around and saw KCRA photographer Alan Blaich. I told him I could get some of the festival organizers for him.

“That’s okay. They sent me over here to film you.”

That’s something I say to lots of people myself when out on a story and people will say, “So who are you here to film?” I’ll respond, “I’m here to film you.” This is always a good segue to shooting an interview.

So I did an interview with Alan. (Which was dreadful! I am not good on the other side of the camera. Particularly when I’m asked to talk about myself.) Then I grabbed the arm of one of my filmmaker friends and directed Alan to talk to him.

Then we went into the auditorium and the evening proceeded with announcements and presenting me with the Film Service Award — which I still can’t get over. During this I saw Alan off to the side filming. But one of the people on stage was comedian Jack Gallagher, who has also appeared as a regular on Curb Your Enthusiasm, the brilliant Larry David comedy series on HBO — to there was plenty for Alan to film.

We stayed and watched Stolen Moments, which my friend Anthony D’Juan from Nightbeats was the lead actor, then got home and I checked out the recording of the 11 o’clock news to see the coverage of the festival. Check this out and I hope you’re as surprised as I was.

Days like this don’t happen very often in one’s life. This was very special and amazing for several reasons.

More on some of the stories mentioned on this page will be following in the coming days.

Stay tuned . . . . . . . . .

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