Planet5D Ebook Celibrating 5 Years of the Canon 5D Mark II — I’m In It!

Published On September 17, 2013 | By Mike Carroll | Digital Convergence Podcast, DSLR

On September 18 it will have been 5 years since Canon introduced the 5D Mark II DSLR camera and started a filmmaking revolution. To commemorate this, there is a new ebook being released today.

It includes an amazing amount of contributors —

Shane Hurlbutt, DP, Terminator Salvation, Semi-Pro, The Greatest Game Ever Played, Act of Valor

Dan Chung, DSLR Photojournalist in Beijing, (formerly

Stu Maschwitz

Carl Olson

Chris Fenwick

And me!!!

And pages of other contributors who I haven’t had a chance to look through yet.

DSLRs have been with us for 5 years now. Where they’re going? What’s in store? Are they still going to be around? What should I be looking at for a camera?

These are all questions everybody’s asking. Here’s a book that is fast to read, but is filled with professional insight by people who make their living with DSLRs.

And you can get it — free!!!

I’ve been posting a bunch of blogs lately, mentioning what a busy week or so it’s been — Bonnie’s sister Donna visiting for a week (the first member of her immediate family that I’ve met in the 16 years we’ve been together), receiving the Film Service Award at the 14th annual Sacramento Film & Music Festival, doing a story on the new independent feature film Stolen Moments that premiered in the festival, doing a story on the Northern California vineyard harvest at the Nello Olivo vineyards, and — on top of all that — being invited to contribute to an ebook and literally having only a matter of days to write & submit. But it was an offer that I couldn’t pass up.

This is the ebook!

And it’s free!!!

Planet5D ebook 1

I am a subscriber (it’s free!) and daily reader of Planed 5D, the best website for DSLR news and independent film making on the web. Planet Mitch is based in St. Louis, where I’m from, and I’ve gotten to know him when I was a guest on The Digital Convergence Podcast with Carl Olson and Chris Fenwick, who are also contributors to this ebook.

To receive a free copy, just go to Planet5D and subscribe. You will be sent a link to download the book.

I don’t recommend sites that I don’t use or wouldn’t subscribe to.

This site is a must for any filmmaker or aspiring filmmaker to be plugged into.

Planet5D ebook 2

Thanks, Mitch, for inviting me to be in company like this. I’ve been following Dan Chung’s site for years, when it was known as

Planet5D ebook 3

Planet5D ebook 4 Planet5D ebook 5

It all got started just a week ago when I received this e-mail from Planet Mitch of Planet5D,


I’ve been crazy busy but this idea came to me last week and I’m asking everyone I can think of just in case they want to be included… going thru lots of emails and lists to see who I’ve missed – don’t know why didn’t think of you right away (please don’t be offended) but I also don’t want to leave you out in case you do want to contribute!

Do you know what Sept 17th is???

It will be the 5th anniversary of the announcement of the Canon EOS 5D Mark II!

I know there are many who believe HDSLR usage is dead, and many have moved on to some of the newer cameras and have higher budgets they’re working with, but I’m wanting to know what your feelings are about HDSLRs going forward.

I’m working on a special 5th anniversary e-book and I’m going to get some “state of the HDSLR nation” kinds of statements from industry leaders (if I can) and of course your input would be very much appreciated by me and our readers. My plan is to give it away to planet5D readers if they subscribe to my daily email list.

I would love to have something from you to add to that book if you’re interested!

What I would like would be simply a couple of paragraphs about where you think the HDSLR market stands at this point… is it dead? is it very much alive? Will the BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera change the world again? Where will HDSLRs be in another 5 years? Is Magic Lantern Raw video making the HDSLR market even more viable?

Anything along those lines would be great – that is if you’re willing and have time. I would love to have your input by Sept 14th if possible please. I know that’s coming fast but the idea to put this together just slammed into my head.

And please keep this request confidential… I would appreciate it!

Mitch just asked for a few paragraphs. I got started and turned in over 2,500 words. For better or worse, he published every one.

Thanks again for the invitation, Mitch. And thanks for putting me in such terrific and respected company.



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