Calling All No-Crew Indie Filmmakers — Send Me Your Behind-The-Scenes Photos

Published On October 27, 2013 | By Mike Carroll | Books, DSLR, Filmmakers

I’m working on my new indie filmmaking book following up on Naked Filmmaking: How To Make A Feature-Length Film – Without A Crew – For $10,000 – $6,000 – Or Less.

The first book dealt with how I make movies as a one-person no-crew filmmaker. The next book continues the theme of one-person filmmaking, but in this one I feature other filmmakers carving out places for themselves in the new & rapidly changing world of Digital Cinema.

Stolen Moments 7D on-set 12

I am also going more in-depth on the changing face of the indie film scene, film festivals, and finding / creating your place in the new digital landscape.

As I filled Naked Filmmaking with hundreds of photos from the making of my films, I would like to populate the new book, which I am calling Naked Filmmaking: Volume Two for now, with lots and lots of behind-the-scenes photos of other one-man / one-woman / one-person filmmakers from across the U.S. and around the world.

Since first posting this two weeks ago I have already received photos submitted by Director/DP/Editor Tommy Merry ( Here are his photos and captions inserted into pages in the next book.

Naked Vol 2 Filmmaker photos page demo

This is the book that Carl Olson promoted on the Digital Convergence Podcast Episode #122.

I’d also like to invite filmmakers to write something about themselves that I could include in the book. Please submit a paragraph or a couple of paragraphs about your filmmaking & why you make films as a one-person filmmaker without a crew.

This new book should be available on Amazon sometime in spring or summer of 2014.

This is open to filmmakers of: feature films, documentaries, short films, music videos, photojournalism, student filmmakers. Did I miss anything? The only films that I will not include are explicit violence and porn.

Film Director book 11

The inspiration for the layout of my books was the layout of The Film Director by Richard L. Bare, which inspired me as a teenager. I wrote a blog about it on this site. This book was filled with B.T.S. photos of filmmakers at that time — Sam Peckinpah, John Schlesinger, William Wyler, and a few young newcomers Steven Spielberg, George Lucus and Francis Ford Coppola. I would like to illustrate Volume Two in the same way.

Film Director book 12

Film Director book 13

Film Director book 14

I would like to add 30-50 photos.

To submit: e-mail a few photos to mike@nakedfilmmaking

Include a short caption of who is in the photos, the film being shot and when it was. Also your website. Please provide any information you would like to share.

It will be edited down if need be to keep the caption simple.

By submitting you are granting approval to be published in the book.

Photos can be in color.

The printed (printed-on-demand) edition of Volume Two will be printed in black & white. The Kindle edition will be published in color and I will strive to have the website links in the captions to have direct clickable links to your site.

If you have to many photos to choose from, then please send me a link to your flickr page and I will check it out. If I find a photo or photos that I’d like to use, I will email you the specific photo links that I’d like to use.

I cannot offer any financial payment for the use of your photo(s), but I am offering to help to spread some publicity, which I’ve found to be much more valuable and much harder to attain.

I also do not anticipate being able to provide a copy of the book in which your photo(s) will be used.

I have no idea how many submissions this will generate. I hope for lots and lots. So please don’t be disappointed if I am unable to use your photo(s).

I will try and create a blog page and post at least one photo from everyone who submits, posting the photos in order of the filmmaker’s last name, with a link to the filmmaker’s website.

Thanks for reading & I look forward to seeing your pictures!





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  1. Tommy Merry says:

    Thanks for the inclusion, Mike! I just added it to my Facebook page. I loved your first book and eagerly await reading your second (and not just because I’m in it HeeHee 😉 . You continue to inspire us!

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