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Published On October 28, 2013 | By Mike Carroll | Light Is My Friend, Photo Essay

It’s been a while since I posted a photo essay of my neighborhood — Hollywood Park in the south part of Sacramento. These are photos that I take with my iPhone while out walking the dogs. The two best times of day for taking pictures outdoors is in the morning and in the late afternoon/dusk, when the sun is low, either rising or setting, and the shadows and cross light is at interesting angles.

A few of the snaps were also taken in the KCRA back parking lot.

I used to take these photos with an Android, but am now using the iPhone G5. The choice of phone is not mine — they are provided by KCRA-TV, where I work. As a photographer I am always drawn to light and how it effects how things look. So I regard these photos as exercises in keeping the eye alert and the gray cells always stimulated.

Also, this post is an experiment. I love seeing slideshows on other sites. With this show I’m testing out the slideshow offered by Flickr at

If you like it, you might want to try it out as well.

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