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Published On March 24, 2014 | By Mike Carroll | Greyhounds, Greyhounds Friends For Life

No, this is not going to morph into a blog about animal adoption advocacy. (Although, what could be wrong with that??) But for any followers of the blog who read my last post about Tehya, the three-legged greyhound who Bonnie and I are fostering during her recovery from an emergency amputation, I want to keep you informed.

First, it has been a week now and Tehya is making great improvements.

Tehya Walking 3-22-2014.Still002

The first few days we had to slip our arms under her body to help lift her up to her feet. She is now able to get up to her feet on her own and walk around by herself. We took the bandage off of her on Wednesday morning and her stitchings have been healing well.

On Saturday – exactly one week after she had her front left leg removed (the surgeon told it is was only connected to her body by a single tendon) – Bon hooked a leash to Tehya’s collar and she came out into the front yard and onto the sidewalk with our dogs Alex & Bea for the first time. She was so eager to walk with our two that she didn’t want to go back in. She looked so happy that I pulled out my iPhone (thank you KCRA for issuing this to me) and shot this video:

Since this video we have taken Tehya out on the sidewalk with Alex & Bea on progressively longer and longer distances down the street and back. We haven’t gone around the block — yet — but I can see that happening some time in the next week.

When we go to take out the leashes for the walk Tehya is now the first one on her feet to get her collar and leash on and has her nose sticking through the back gate ready to head out of the confines of the backyard and into the new world of the neighborhood.

Tehya Walking 3-22-2014.Still001

On the short sojourns down the street she wants to be out in front of Alex and Bea, leading the walk. Even though she is compromised, she is still a strong dog and is full of spirit. Alex & Bea are very patient with her, stopping when she wants to stop and sniff — she is very curious — and letting her take the lead dog (the alpha dog) position in front.

Tehya has a long, long way to go yet. But she is showing so much heart and courage. She’s going to be a good, good dog.

It’s only been just over a week since she had her surgery, but she has shown so much improvement. And in just another week she should get her stitches out!

Unlike other dogs who we have nursed through with broken legs, Tehya no longer has a leg that has to have the bones heal and mend. She just has to have her shoulder heal and build up her strength. Another month from now I can see her out on a private field that we have access to, running with the other dogs — and holding her own.

Tehya Walking 3-22-2014.Still003

This evening one of our dear neighbors from down the street, Carol, stopped by the house to get her “Greyhound fix” and Tehya was the first to her feet and to the door, tail wagging, to meet this wonderful new stranger. An excellent sign of recovery for this dog who has to much still to give.

Tehya is going to be a wonderful greyhound. She is on her way to a new — and free life.




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