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Published On August 1, 2014 | By Mike Carroll | KCRA-TV, Mike's TV News Stories

As I’ve written here a few times before, I like having the opportunities to do my own stories as a photographer-reporter (or reporter-photographer, which ever way you’d prefer) but sometimes I can go for weeks without either having the story or where there isn’t the staffing available in the KCRA newsroom to be able to cut me loose.

Then there are the rare days where KCRA viewers get dumped on with a whole day of Mike Carroll stories!

Saturday, July 18, 2014, was just such a day. I had 3 stories appear in 5 different KCRA news shows throughout the day.

1 & 2   Navarro Winery Water Useage

I usually work the 7 AM-4 PM shift on Saturdays and shoot live elements for the KCRA morning news. I was setting up my camera when I saw KCRA morning anchor Mae Fesai introducing my Navarro Winery drought story.

California is in the midst of a severe drought so how the state’s water supply is being used is of big concern for everybody. The Navarro Winery in Mendocino , which was named Winery of the Year at the California State Fair, is unique in that they don’t rely on any of the State’s water supply for irrigation. Instead, they have ponds placed strategically around their property to capture 50 million gallons of rain water each year during the Pacific coastal rains.

This is a “sidebar story” from my assignment to the Navarro Winery that was originally scheduled to run on the previous day’s news–Friday, July 17–in the 6 o’clock news hour to help promote the KCRA once-a-month magazine program Common Ground airing the following day. However, due to big breaking news in Stockton, California, following up on the events of a tragic bank robbery gone wrong resulting in several deaths, the story never made it on the air. This happens in the news business. Lots of stories that are “evergreen”–meaning that they are not same-day oriented and are just as valid the next day or the next week are often “floated” from one day’s news over to a later newscast. (Incidentally, I just happened to be working in Stockton that day.

This story aired twice on Saturday morning–in the 7 AM newscast and in the 8 AM shows.

3      City of Davis Hands Out Reuseable Plastic Bags

This is a story that I quickly shot & reported for the KCRA-3 Reports at 5 O’Clock.

Once the morning news is over at 9 on Saturdays I typically head out with Mae Fesai to “turn” (a news term for shooting & putting together a story in a short amount of time) a quick story before her shift ends at one in the afternoon.  On this particular Saturday Mae and KCRA morning photographer Andrew Faulk already had a story set up, so I was asked if I could shoot and maybe be able to make a story out of something happening in the Davis Farmer’s Market. Having worked for the past few weeks on putting together one story on the Navarro Winery I jumped at the chance to turn a story around in just a day.

The City of Davis, California, recently banned single-use plastic bags — the type of white plastic bags we all get every day when we check out of a grocery story or pharmacy or any place. It’s part of an on-going movement to get people to bring their own grocery bags with them when purchasing items.

Bonnie and I have gotten onto this bandwagon by purchasing our own sturdy grocery bags and bringing them with us when we shop. It’s become stylish and fashionable.

Recent studies have proven that worldwide the single-use bags have become an environmental problem filling up landfills, showing up in rivers & streams, even a large part of a floating “island” of plastic waste in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. These plastic bags have even been found by oceanographers at some of the greatest depths of the oceans.

Cities across California — San Francisco, Chico, Santa Barbara and more and more others — have been putting bans on the use of these bags. Stores will still have the single-use bags but customers will be charged ten cents or more per bag used.

A ban by the City of Davis, here in California, put a ban into effect at the beginning of July. The Davis Farmer’s Market is one of the area’s first and best farmer’s markets and on this Saturday the City was handing out packs of three washable & reusable bags for customers to put their produce into. Additional bags can be purchased.

I love shooting the bigger stories and having lots of time to shoot, write & put together. But I must also say that it’s a pleasure and a relief to be able to go out and shoot a story in 45-minutes or an hour, log it, write it up, chop it together, and have it on the news (and be finished & done with it) in just a matter of a few hours.

4   Navarro Winery Water Useage

The Navarro Winery drought story aired again in the 6 PM news to promote KCRA’s Common Ground, which was airing immediately after the newscast at 6:30 PM.

It’s very common for a news story that airs originally in a morning newscast to be run again in later shows in the day because each show–morning shows, noon, 5, 6, 10 and 11 at night have their own, often very different audiences.

5   Navarro Winery, California Winery of the Year — Common Ground

The day culminated with Common Ground at 6:30 PM with the one-and-only story that I knew I would have broadcast on KCRA that day.

(For much, much more on the amazing Navarro Winery & Vineyard please visit my earlier blog post exclusively about them.

What a day! What a way to wrap up a work week!!!

At the end of the day I received a congratulatory e-mail from KCRA-3 news director Lori Waldon declaring Saturday, July 18, 2014, as “Mike Carroll Day” on KCRA.


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