4K TVs — Now Under $2K

Published On August 18, 2014 | By Mike Carroll | 4K, Daily Diary

I’ve been saying for about six months now that we are living in the last days of HD. I now think that UHD and 4K may be here faster than everybody thinks.

4K TVs 4

I’ve predicted that by Christmas 2014 one of the big sellers in electronics/appliances will be 4K UHD TV monitors, and certainly by Super Bowl 2015, which I predict will be broadcast in 4K.

The tipping point will be when 4K TVs start to go on sale for less than $2,000.

I think that’s even happening sooner than I thought.

4K TVs 1

Just came back from Costco where there were two 4K UHD monitors and look at the prices.

I fully expect that there will be at least twice as many 4K TVs available here by Christmas and they will have regular prices — not sale prices — of less than $2,000.

4K TVs 2


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