GoPro Goes News–GoPro covers the Mack area clean-up–Part 4

Published On May 1, 2015 | By Mike Carroll | GoPro, KCRA-TV, Shooting News

KCRA GoPro Mack Road clean-up 4-25-2015.Still003

If you’ve been dropping in on my GoPro series, I’ve been trying to incorporate GoPro footage as much as I can, using the little action camera as a primary news camera.

Mike's newscam with Margo's GoPro

I’m still using my Sony HD XDCAM for recording interviews, but it is only a matter of time before I am going to do an all-GoPro TV news story.

KCRA GoPro Mack Road clean-up 4-25-2015.Still001

This one from the past weekend comes close.

Saturday morning I was sent out with KCRA-3 reporter/anchor Leticia Ordaz to film volunteers cleaning up a church in the Mack Road area as part of a community clean-up.

I’ve shot these things a hundred times, but I wanted to use the GoPro Hero 3+ as a way of seeing and showing the story in a dynamic, refreshing way.

KCRA GoPro Mack Road clean-up 4-25-2015.Still004

I took it to another level by also using the Warp Stabilizer video effect in Adobe Premier CC to smooth out some of the shots. After the story aired one of the KCRA shooter said he say the story and wondered if I’d bought a slider because of the smoothness of some of the tracking shots. Nope — it’s all in Adobe.

KCRA GoPro Mack Road clean-up 4-25-2015.Still005

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