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Published On May 19, 2015 | By Mike Carroll | KCRA-TV, Mike's TV News Stories, Shooting News

I’m often asked, “How do you get a job shooting in TV news?”

If you try my book, Breaking Into TV News, I detail the step-by-step process to how new people, predominantly college students, can get their feet in the doors and from there to a career in the business.

If you’re already a shooter — or “photographer-editor” as it is on the job title — and you’re in an entry-level station and want to move up to something bigger and better, you need a resume reel.

A TV News Photographer’s Reel is a composite of approximately five stories of your best work encompassing different types of stories. This is my current reel.

I always think it’s best to hit hard off the top with dynamic spot/breaking news. This is the best fire story I’ve ever shot. There is more information behind it, as well as all of the stories on this reel, if you just search on my site.

After that first hard-news action story I fill put in the strongest general and feature stories that I’ve done, displaying the strongest visuals and storytelling that I think best represent my work and who I am. Also, stories that focus on people. I like stories about people. Not technical things, gimmicky artistry, glim-‘n-glam. Human stories. Those are the stories I respond to and that I think are the most memorable and leave the longest lasting impression.

This is another reel that I put together a couple years ago that exclusively demonstrates my work as a reporter-photographer. This used to be the entry-level position for reporters. Starting out in teeny-tiny little markets where reporters had to shoot their own footage because the stations couldn’t afford two-person crews. Now thanks to smaller cameras, improved technology, as well as the economic downturn, this is common even in major television markets across the country.

So this is my MMJ reel. “Multi-Media Journalist.” It’s the kind of work that I truly like doing and would be a happy clam to do every day. And, I should add, I have had terrific support and encouragement from the management and staff at KCRA to be allowed to produce these stories.

I hope this post will help anyone out there who is curious or looking to get into the business a clearer idea of how Television News works.

And since I’ve posted my resume reels, I’m also posting my written resume so you can see how this looks. It’s always being revised, tightened, simplified, and is open to suggestions. But this is it at the present.

MIKE CARROLL Photographer-Editor Resume 2015---for website

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