GoPro Gets Organic — Part 5

Published On July 30, 2015 | By Mike Carroll | GoPro, KCRA-TV, Mike's TV News Stories, Shooting News, TV News Vault

What I love about the GoPro camera is that they seem to be able to go just about anywhere. For this story I just wanted it to go to the ground.

Soil Born 4

We’ve all probably been noticing the rise of farmer’s markets and organic produce sections in grocery stores. I’ve done a couple of farmer’s market stories over the past year or so and will re-post them at the bottom of this post.

Every time I’m at a farmer’s market I’ve always wondered, “Where does this organic produce come from and who is growing it?”

Then my great sister Margo, who sent me the GoPro 3+ to experiment with, Facebooked me a link to a story about Soil Born Farms, a Sacramento nonprofit agricultural group based in Rancho Cordova, which has an organic farm that grows produce for restaurants and to individuals through a subscription-based program.

Soil Born 1

But most interestingly for me, they also have an apprentice program where peope learn how to become organic farmers and how to make a living off of working farms that, rather than a few hundred or a few thousand acres in size, are just two or three or more acres and set inside the city or county limits of the community where they live and serve. I thought this was fascinating.

I also thought this would be a great story that the GoPro would really lend itself.

Soil Born 3

The Soil Born Farms apprentice farmer program is an eight-month course and where almost all of that work is done by hand — the planting, weeding, growing, and harvesting — all done by hand and using traditional hand tools. This is to keep the overhead of farm machinery from becoming a financial obstacle.

Since the student farmers would be working by hand in the ground, I wanted to get my camera filming them down in the ground as well, looking up from the point of view of the crop that they would be tending or harvesting. The GoPro was ideal for this. Three quarters of the story was shot using the GoPro 3+ at the end of a selfie stick and monitoring it through the GoPro app on my iPhone. I also had an external stereo microphone taped onto the GoPro to pick up clear natural sound.

Soil Born 6

The GoPro was outstanding for this type of coverage and I could not have achieved it or any of these visuals with my full-size Sony HD XDCAM news camera. I wanted AN unusual and different point of view from what I’m used to seeing. I needed to break out of the traditional and find a new way of seeing the story. The GoPro, with its wide- and ultra-wide digital settings, was just the tool for allowing me to immerse myself, and hopefully the viewers, into the experiences that the Soil Born Farms apprentice farmers were doing.

Soil Born 7

And the food looks so good four – – that for the next several days after shooting this I found that I could eat nothing but salads made from fresh produce! So soil born farms and the apprentice farmers made an impression on me as well.

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