KCRA – Rocklin Kids Raise Cash for Cats

Published On February 20, 2016 | By Mike Carroll | KCRA-TV, Mike's TV News Stories, Shooting News

I love cats!

I’ve written several times on this site about my love of dogs, and involvement with greyhounds and greyhound rescue. But I am also a big cat person. I’ve had cats for much of my life, although cats and greyhounds do not get along.

This story initially came about, like most of my reporter-photographer stories, because it was handed to me as a little VO-SOT (Voice Over—Sound On Tape, a 30-45-second story the anchors read over on the news). Just “spray it and bring it back.” No big thing. Easy. I headed out.

The story was some students at Antelope Creek Elementary School in Rocklin, California, had raised some money and was presenting it to a cat rescue group.

Rocklin cats 3

I’ve been shooting news for over 32-years now and, yes, I’m probably starting to get a bit jaded. I’ve covered I don’t know how many of these types of fundraiser ceremonies over the years, where people make little speeches and then a check is handed over. But this one was unique.

But this was the very first time where the actual CASH that was raised was handed over!

As soon as I got there I found the elements of the story had potential to be so much bigger. Leader In Me This all just amazed me. That these grade school students were able to, in just a few short weeks, raise over $500—in cash!—just by selling little paper laminated bookmarks. And not only was I amazed, but the people from Field Haven Feline Center, a cat rescue organization based in Lincoln, California, were amazed as well.

Rocklin cats 7

This cried out to be a bigger story.

It just so happened that Common Ground, KCRA’s once-a-month news magazine program, which I try to regularly contribute to and do the post-production on, was airing the following week.

I was able to arrange to go to Field Haven the next morning and spend some time with Joy Smith, the co-founder, who gave me a tour and free access to film in the facility.

Rocklin cats 4

Field Haven takes in cats that are lost, abandoned and surrendered and finds homes for them. Just last year, in 2014, they found homes for 605 cats.

Stories like this are what I enjoy most about being a TV news photographer/reporter/journalist: Coming across an interesting little story and recognizing that there is much more in it than initially met the eye, and believing that it deserves to be given a platform where it can presented to larger audience.

Congratulations to the Leader In Me students at Antelope Creek Elementary School in Rocklin. Job well done. Bravo!

Rocklin cats 1

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One Response to KCRA – Rocklin Kids Raise Cash for Cats

  1. Hi Mike,
    What a great blog. But I think so much of the credit goes to you and your insight into how to recognize a real gem when you see it. The students from Antelope Creek Elementary are fortunate to have teachers and a Principal that are dedicated to their students becoming well rounded, compassionate individuals. FieldHaven subscribes to that same commitment to excellence, but our beneficiaries just happen to be cats!

    Thank you again for producing such a great story.

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