Week of Good Stories–Stefanie Kramer, UC Sacramento Grad

Published On May 28, 2016 | By Mike Carroll | KCRA-TV, Shooting News

This was from Day Two in the “Week of Good Stories.”

The day after having shot & reported the Folsom City Works Day, I came into the KCRA newsroom at 7 a.m. and sent out to Sleep Train Arena where the University of California, Sacramento, was holding graduating ceremonies for 4,700 students.

One of the students, Stefanie Kramer, had been interviewed earlier in the week on The Today Show. She had been in the foster system, bounced around from one family to another, endured unspeakable hardships, was taken in by a family when she was eighteen and four months away from graduating from high school, and who went on to adopt her at the age of 23.

KCRA Stefanie Kramer U.C. Sacramento Grad 5-21-2016 2

Stefanie gave the commencement address to the graduating class. She is powerful, positive, good humored, outgoing, and will achieve anything she sets her mind to. A ball of positive energy that it was inspiring to be around.

By the time the ceremony was over and I had followed Stefanie out and through the throng to get to her family, and then to my live truck to get back to the station, it was 12:30 p.m.



KCRA weekend morning anchor Leticia Ordaz would be putting the story together from the elements I gathered, since she would not be able to get out to the graduation ceremony, and she was only on until 1 p.m.

She had 30-minutes to log and write the story.

Frankly, I wanted to put it together myself, for the sole reason that I would have more time.

I was sent out to shoot a few more quick things. When I returned Leticia had left a script for me that she’d hammered out.

I need to say publicly:

I don’t know how, in a mere 30-minutes of reviewing the footage and writing, that Leticia was able to produce what I regard as the best written news story she has ever presented me with.

It was a joy to edit. Leticia had picked up on all the elements of Stefanie’s story.

I’m posting it here because I was happy for Stefanie, glad to have been able to assemble all the elements of the story, and proud of the piece that Leticia had written about her.

Another satisfying day of producing good work.

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