Week of Good Stories–Wreath Ceremony, Memorial Day Weekend

Published On May 29, 2016 | By Mike Carroll | KCRA-TV, Shooting News

This is a continuation of the series of “Week of Good Stories” that I have worked on in just the past week or so.

Saturday morning. I get in at 7 a.m. to shoot live shots for our morning news that runs from 7-9 a.m.

Afterwards I am typically sent out to shoot something really quick, a little “filler” story, before going out with KCRA weekend morning anchor Leticia Ordaz to shoot a package with her.

This morning I was sent out to grab a wreath ceremony at the building which used to house the California Military History Museum, which closed a few years back.

The building is empty, save for a wall which remains with plaques with names of fallen Californian service men and women.

There is an effort, in lieu of America’s recent foreign wars, to revive the museum.

Fallen 3

The ceremony was short, simple. The wreath was presented by a woman whose son was lost in Afghanistan a few years back.

As I have posted before, my father, Ward V. Carroll, was a combat veteran of the U.S. Marines in World War Two. I wear a Marine Corp lanyard with my press credentials as a tribute to him. I am often greeted with warm Semper Fi’s and am always quick to point out that I did not serve but that I wear it for him, which has always been greeted as a sign of respect.

These ceremonies are always, even in their simplest form, deeply moving for me.

It was very quick, simple, and I spoke with a few veterans and the mother and daughter who presented the wreath.

Fallen 2

Returning to the station, Leticia and I went out to try and pursue a story, which just was not going to work out. Leticia gets into the station very, VERY early and is off at one p.m.

I suggested that she could take the footage I shot earlier and make a good, short story out of it, tied in with the Memorial Day weekend and the effort/desire to bring the Military History Museum back.

Again, just as she did one week previously with the Stefanie Kramer graduation story, Leticia wrote a script that knocked it out of the park.

It is simple, made out of not a lot of footage. But it is true and sincere and reaches for the emotions in all of us.

Another of the stories from this past week that I am unusually proud of.


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